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ChipperSitter: $3 Hours of Babysitting for $10!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Life can get busy so quickly and before you know it, it’s been several months since you last had a date!  And if you are like us, part of the hassle in planning a date night is finding a sitter for the children.  And not just finding a sitter, but finding a sitter that you can trust and this is affordable.

I recently learned about ChipperSitter and thought their services sounded like an amazing way to help parents get an affordable childcare for date night.  For just $10, ChipperSitter will provide you with a professional babysitter to watch your children for 3 hours!  (If you want any additional hours, you’ll pay just $15 per hour for each hour after that.)  Sounds pretty good, right?!

Oh, and if you appreciate a company that gives back, you’ll want to know that during the month of December, ChipperSitter is going to give 15% of their profits to help care for the homeless in New York City.  So you can have a date night and inadvertently help out those less fortunate!

So, what is ChipperSitter?

ChipperSitter is a company that provides babysitting services through their network of professional babysitters in major cities throughout the country.  ChipperSitter is meticulous in their hiring process so that you can relax knowing you children are in good hands.  Every sitter has to undergo a background check, reference checks, sex offender status checks and they even scan the web and news sources to make sure there is nothing bad that turns up there.  In addition, they also do a thorough round of interviews with child care experts to make sure the sitter is up to par and capable of doing an excellent job.

How does ChipperSitter work?  It’s this easy!

1.  You’ll need to contact ChipperSitter via their website or by calling (877) 620-8578.

2.  ChipperSitter will setup a time for an experienced expert from their team to call or video call to discuss your babysitting needs.

3.  You’ll then be emailed access to ChipperSitter’s software which will allow you to view sitters near you.  You will be able to watch their sitter video where they will introduce themselves to you and you can even chat with your prospective sitter too!  Facebook profiles are available for review as well.

4.  Once you’ve decided on a sitter, you can book your date night.

5.  Your all set to enjoy some time with the one you love!  (And if it gives you peace of mind while you are out, you can always text your sitter or view your little ones via an app on your smartphone too.)

What’s the biggest thing that keeps you from having date night?  Have you ever used a service like ChipperSitter?

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Cardinham|Killigrew Natural Bath Products Review (great Valentine gift idea!)

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Looking for a great gift for your Valentine?  You might want to consider Cardinham|Killigrew’s natural bath products!  Your loved one will be sure to enjoy this unique gift.

Cardinham|Killigrew is based in Delaware and makes hand-crafted fine quality natural massage oils, body lotions, bath bombs, soaps, shave balms, candles and more!  With a many amazing scents for both men and women and presented in fine old-world shabby Euro French Paris chic packaging featuring the fleur-de-lis – there is something for everyone.

I recently had the privilege of trying out Cardinham|Killigrew’s bath bomb, soap and body lotion and I was super impressed!  Here’s what I thought of each of the products:

The bath bomb not only smelled amazing but left my skin so soft and silky- I felt like I’d been to a spa!

While I’m more of a body wash type of gal, I discovered that good old fashioned soap isn’t really that bad!  It took me a bit to realize that because this soap is all-natural it doesn’t lather like typical soap.  (That is actually a good thing because the stuff that makes soap really lathery isn’t good for you.)  But once I started using more soap I had no issues and was more than happy with how well it moisturized my skin.  I typically have very dry skin in the winter and after using this soap a couple of days I noticed a big difference.  My skin was not nearly as dry and I wasn’t even using the lotion at that point!

This body lotion is unlike most lotions in that it is not greasy and it absorbs super fast.  I loved how soft it made my skin- definitely great for people with super dry skin like me!


The other thing that I was impressed with was the passion that Cardinham|Killigrew’s owner, Steven Funk, has for what he does.  In my email interaction with Mr. Funk, it was obvious that he not only loves what he does but gets great pleasure out of being able to provide people with a quality product!  I love that!

While these products are a bit pricier than I often buy, they are perfect for a splurge or to give as a special gift to someone you love!  I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed!

I received Cardinham|Killigrew products in exchange for a review, however all opinions are entirely mine and I truly did love their products!

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