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$200 in Free Bonuses from Capital One 360! (through 12/1)

Friday, November 28th, 2014


Through December 1, you can make $200 with Capital One 360!  Who can’t use the extra cash?

To get the $200, you need to open an online savings and/or checking account with Capital One 360.  Here’s how it works:

(If you plan to do both offers, be sure to open the Savings Account before you create the Checking Account in order for the bonuses to work properly.)

 1.  Get a $100 Bonus when you open a Savings Account.

* Open a no-fee Capital One 360 Savings Account by Dec. 1, 2014.

* Deposit a minimum of at least $1000.

* Receive a bonus of $100 that will start earning interest immediately!

* After 30 days, you can either choose to close your account or just leave the money there and enjoy continuing to collect interest on it.

2.  Get a $100 Bonus when you open a new Checking Account.
Open a fee-free Capital One 360 Checking Account by Dec. 1, 2014.

* Make an initial deposit of at least $250.

* Make 5 purchases with your debit card or use CheckMateSM to make 5 remote check deposits (or a combination of both) within 45 days of opening your account.

* After 50 days, you’ll receive your free $100 bonus!  You can then either choose to close your account or just leave the money there and enjoy collecting interest on it.

Capital One 360 is a great option for online banking.  We’ve used it in the past and were very happy with the great service they provided!

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Small Business Saturday- Free $10 Credit for American Express Cardholders

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

If you have an American Express card, here is a fun way to save and support local small businesses at the same time!  Last year I was able to get some delicious, good quality lunch meat at a local meat market for almost nothing after my statement credit.  Talk about awesome!

American Express is offering a $10 statement credit to all members who register a card and use it on Small Business Saturday, November 29, 2014, at participating local small businesses.


Small Business Saturday- Free $10 Credit for American Express Card Members


Here’s how it works:

1.  Register any eligible American Express card.

(Registration is open until November 29 but may end sooner if the limit is met.)

2.  Use the registered card to spend $10 or more at participating merchants on Nov. 29

3.  Within 90 days, you’ll get a $10 statement credit for your purchase.

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Ebates: Get Cash Back for Shopping Online!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

If you are like me and like to shop online for the convenience and also because you can often get great deals from the comfort of your own home (especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday) then you really need to sign up for Ebates!   I do about half of my clothing, gifts and home decor shopping online and usually can make about $50 a year this way!

With Ebates you can earn up to 25% cash back when you shop online at over 1,700 stores.  It’s really quite simple!

How to Earn Cash Back through Ebates when Shopping Online

1. Sign up for an Ebates account.  Right now you even get a $10 bonus gift card when you make your first $25 purchase through Ebates!

2. The next time you want to shop online, go to Ebates, click the “Select a Store” tab and choose your store.  You will then be redirected to the stores website.  Shop and purchase the items you want.

3.  After your order is confirmed, Ebates will deposit the cash back that you earned into your account.  You’ll receive your Big Fat Check from them once you have at least $5.01 in your account!

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7 Ways to Make Money By Selling Your Clutter

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

I recently came through a month of intensive decluttering and while my goal was mainly to simplify, I was pretty happy to also make almost $75 in the process!  In fact, knowing that I could potentially make a couple of dollars off of something was great motivation for me.  And in the week since I actually made another $165 from selling a double stroller and some clothing that I hadn’t had a chance to sell earlier.

If you are decluttering or are simply tight on money, it is definitely worth trying to sell some of your things.  If you aren’t sure where to do it, here are a list of place that I have used and recommend

7 Ways to Make Money by Selling Your Clutter

1.  Craigslist
Craigslist is a great way to sell things and we’ve had good success using it over the last several years.  While you can post anything, I recommend using it mainly for bigger ticket items as those seem to do well there.  If you aren’t sure how much to charge for your item, simply use the “Search” box to see what others are charging for similar things and go from there.

To avoid being scammed, take only cash.  Also, if you aren’t comfortable having people come to your home, you can instead meet them at a local public place.

Tip: Detailed description and a few good pictures help a lot!  Also, a fairly specific location is helpful too so that people know whether it is worth there time.  For instance, instead of saying “Exton” try “Exton, north side”. 

2.  Ebay
I don’t use Ebay as much as some of the other methods simply because it gets expensive to ship big, heavy items.  But it’s great for smaller things and I’ve done reasonably well selling here.  I was intrigued to learn that coffee mugs and any thing pig related sell well on Ebay!

Before I list something, I like to see if it is worth my time by using the Advanced Search feature to see if similar items have sold well recently.  This is also a great way to figure out what to charge too.  To find these details, once on the search page simply enter the item description and check the “Sold” box.

Tip: Again detailed description and great pictures go a long way in helping your item get attention.  Also be sure to factor in shipping costs.  

3.  Online Yard Sale Facebook Groups
In the last year I’ve become a big fan of Online Yard Sale Groups on Facebook.  Never heard of them?  It’s basically like a great big yard sale online that you can sell items from any time.  To find one, simply search Facebook with your area’s name and either yard sale or resale and likely something will pop up.  If not, create one yourself- but be prepared for it to become a hopping, popular place!

While you can sell big ticket items here, I’ve found these groups to be a great place for selling smaller items and kid’s clothing.  In fact, two groups that I’m part of are specifically for kid’s stuff.

I really like these groups for two reasons.  For one thing you can see a picture of the person that is buying from you which makes it feel safer and less risky than Craigslist.  And asking questions is as simple as leaving a Facebook comment or sending the seller a PM.

Tip: I know, I said it before but it’s so very true!  Excellent detailed descriptions and clear pictures are what will really help you do well here.  It is also helpful to state whether you are going to go with the first person who comments, the first person who can pick up the item, etc. 

4.  Yard Sales
Good old traditional yard sales are still a great way to get rid of things.  We typically have one every summer and I love it for things that just don’t sell well anywhere else.  To keep things simple, we have a small corner in the basement where we put anything that we want to sell at our yard sale.  Want to really be efficient?  Price the items as you add them to the pile!

For tips on how to make the most of your yard sale, read my post 5 Tips for a Successful Yard Sale.

5.  Book Buy Back Site
If you have unwanted books lying around, it might be worth checking with some book buy back sites to see if they are worth anything.  Textbooks and books by popular authors often sell well.  And I love that most sites will pay for the shipping costs too!

Here are the sites that we’ve used with good success:

* Cash 4 Books
* Sell Back Your Book

6.  Consignments Sales/Stores
We don’t have any really great consignment stores around here, at least in my opinion, but the city I lived in before we were married had a great one that I used often to sell unwanted clothing.  It was super easy because I would just stop by with the clothes, wait as they looked them over and took my info and then when I sold $10 worth, they would contact me and I would get the money.  I always made out better than I would have had I tried selling those items at a yard sale and I loved that I could keep “cleaning house” all year round.

Also, many areas have kid’s consignment sales and while I have never tried selling at these, I have friends who have and loved it!

7.  ThredUp
I have bought clothes through ThredUp several times but I have never have used them to sell things simply because I feel like I have better options available.  But I know a lot of people love selling through them.  Basically you request a bag, put your women’s and/or kid’s clothing in it, mail it (postage is pre-paid) and then once your items sell you get paid!  You can then use your payment to buy clothing from ThredUp or simply cash out via PayPal.

What are your favorite ways to make money on your “junk”?

Home Organization: Schoolwork, Artwork, and Keepsakes
Home Organization: Schoolwork, Artwork, and Keepsakes
Home Organization: Schoolwork, Artwork, and Keepsakes

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How to Earn $20 a Month with Swagbucks in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how I love using Swagbucks as an easy way to earn a bit of extra money. I mentioned that with a little determination I can easily earn at least two to three $5 Amazon gift cards each month.  I’m sure some of you were probably wondering how on earth I accomplish that!  It’s actually pretty simple.  In fact, by just spending about 5 minutes a day focusing on earning Swagbucks I can easily make around $20 a month, often more.  Here’s how I do it and how you can do it too!

How to Earn $20 a Month with Swagbucks

1.  Download the Swagbucks toolbar, 30 Swagbucks (1 Swagbuck daily x 30 days)
Use the toolbar to do at least one search each day and to earn 1 Swagbuck daily.  To download the toolbar, look for the “Toolbar” link on the left hand side of the Swagbucks home page.

2.  Take the Daily Polls, 60 Swagbucks (2 Swagbucks daily x 30 days)

Find these simple little polls by clicking the “Answer” tab at the top of the Swagbucks home page.

3.  (NOSO) No Obligation Special Offers, 60 Swagbucks (2 Swagbucks daily x 30 days)

Find the NOSO offers on the left hand side of the Swagbucks home page.  To earn the Swagucks, click the “Start Earning Now” button and continue through the offers.

Tip:  You do not have to complete any offers, you can simply click “Skip” or “See Next Offer” until you get to the end where you will claim your 2 Swagbucks.

4.  Run Swagbucks TV on your smartphone/tablet, 1080 Swagbucks (36 Swagbucks x 30 days)

Use the Swagbucks TV app on your smartphone or tablet to earn points for playing videos.   You’ll earn 2 Swagbucks for every 5 videos watched.  The videos play continuously, although occasionally there may be an ad that pops up that you will need to exit out of in order for the video to continue.  I typically start the app first thing in the morning, put my phone somewhere out of the way and then occasionally check it to make sure it hasn’t stalled for some reason.  It’s such a simple way to earn!

Tip: The shortest videos are the “10 Second Tip” videos found under Home and Garden.  In order to reach my daily limit more quickly, I simply favorited all of those videos.  This means that now I simply go to my Favorites section and it will play only those videos continuously until I meet my daily Swagbucks quota.

To mark a video as a favorite, simply tap on the video and slide to the left until the heart turns a solid red.

5.  Run EntertainNow on your smartphone/tablet, 540 Swagbucks (18 Swagbucks daily x 30 days)

This app operates like the Swagbucks TV app, although you have to watch 10 videos to earn 2 Swagbucks.  I am totally not into celebrities, movie reviews or TV clips, but occasionally I do use this app to earn a few extra Swagbucks.  I simply turn off the sound and put my phone face down so that I don’t have to be bothered by it!

Total Earned: 1770 Swagbucks (enough for almost four $5 Amazon gift cards!)

More ways to earn that will take you over your 5 min. a day:

6.  Check your Inbox

Frequently you’ll have offers that you can do here that are quick and easy ways to earn a couple of extra Swagbucks.  I don’t do the time intensive one, nor ones that I need to sign up for things.  But even so, by sticking with the simple offers I can often earn at least 2 Swagbucks daily with Inbox offers.

7.   Search with Swagbucks

Use Swagbucks as your search engine and you’ll randomly win bonus Swagbucks.   To increase your chances of winning, use it to search for everything, even sites you visit every day.  For instance if you want to go to Ebay or to my blog, The Thrifty Frugal Mom, simply type that into the Swagbucks search engine. No, you won’t win something every time, but it will increase your chances….and it only takes a couple of extra seconds.

8.  Swagbucks TV

This is different than the Swagbucks TV that you use on your mobile device.  It is found under the “Watch” tab on Swagbucks home page.  You earn 3 Swagbucks for every 10 videos watched.  It’s more of a hassle because the videos don’t play continuously.  If I use it, I like to watch the UZoo or Indigo Film channels as the videos are relatively short.

Are you a Swagbucks user?  What are your favorite ways to earn “bucks”?

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