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Monday, March 28th, 2011

For some time I’ve been considering what I wanted to do with my blog. I love blogging, but it does take up a lot of my time and I’ve been battling that whole issue.

I’m not going to stop blogging, but you will see some changes. Starting this week I will no longer post freebies or coupons- or if I do it will be very rare. I plan to still do my Tasty Tuesday, Weekly Spending Summary, and You Might Enjoy posts. And I hope to do more “meaty” posts about how to lower your expenses and probably some posts with money saving tips as well. I’m guessing that I’ll do one or two of those posts a week. And along the way I’ll include other hopefully interesting things too.

My decision comes based on several things. For one thing I want to be able to give myself more fully to my family and to those who I’m in real life relationships with. As much as I enjoy blogging, it is not worth it if I am not able to care well for my dear husband, little boy and others that God has placed in my life. I want to live my life with no regrets and I’ve got this nagging feeling that if I don’t stop putting so much time into blogging I’m going to look back in a couple of years and wish that I would have spent more time with those that I love.

I also am finding this time of grieving to be exhausting. I never knew that grief would be so draining physically and emotionally. In the last couple of weeks I have felt extremely exhausted and I knew something had to change. I really sensed God was asking me to consider giving up my blogging time, even though it is something I enjoy a lot. I’m hoping that by not spending as much time blogging I’ll have more time for personal things. Things that help me work through this grief and also projects and activities that help me grow as a lady.

Thanks for reading my blog! As always I’d love to have your input so feel free to leave a comment or email me. I take your input seriously and try to use it to improve my blogging style and content.

Oh and if you don’t feel like always having to come here and see if I’ve updated, may I recommend that you simply subscribe to my posts via email or a blog reader? It’s really quite simple, just look at the top left-hand side of my blog.

Have a great week…and remember, I’ll still be here, just not quite as much as usual. :)

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Our Weekend

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Okay, so I know this blog is primarily about saving money, but occasionally I just can’t help including other things too. I always figure two things. 1. It is my blog so I can blog about what I want to. 2. You can always skip over the post if you really don’t want to know about it. So anyway, with that cleared up, let me tell you just a little bit about our weekend. :)

I had heard about Family Life’s Weekend to Remember for years and always thought it would be fun to go to if I got married. Well, I got married but somehow we just never got it done. So I was pretty excited when I heard that there was a Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference in Hershey (which is really close to us). I got a flier about it and strategically left it lying on the counter where I hoped Vince would spot it. And sure enough, he did. I saw him looking at it and held my breath, hoping he would be the one to initiate going. “This looks interesting”, he said. “Yeah, I thought so too,” I casually replied. And then I couldn’t contain my excitement when he asked, “Would you like to go?” I grinned sheepishly and told him that was kind of why I left the flier lying on the counter. We both had a good laugh.

Anyway, to make a long story short we attended the Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference this past weekend. And what a wonderful time we had! Seriously, I can’t say enough good about the conference. It was fun, it was challenging, it was inspiring, and it gave us lots of ideas of how we can continue to grow and improve our relationship with each other. Here are a couple of things that really stood out to me:
* During conflict, anger needs to be directed at the situation not the person.
* Everyone has annoying traits that get on your nerves, so why shouldn’t it be your spouse’s annoying traits? (In other words, just moving on to another person isn’t really going to help the situation.)
* We are to teach and train our children and support our husbands, not the other way around.
* Marriage is not a 50/50 relationship…we each have to give it 100%.

If you are married, I would highly recommend that you attend a Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference. It doesn’t matter if your marriage seems to be falling apart or if it seems like it’s as good as it can get, I guarantee you will be challenged and will find it helpful in strengthening your marriage. In fact, Family Life has received lots of testimonials from couples who were on the verge of divorce and went to a Weekend to Remember as a last resort- and it was instrumental in keeping their marriage together.

Oh and since this is a money saving blog, I can’t help but give you a tip on how to save money if you go. Each conference has people that try to get a group together to go…and anyone can join that group. The great part about joining a group is that you can get into the conference for 50% off! What I would recommend doing is putting something like this in a search engine:
Baltimore Weekend to Remember. You could always add the word “group” to your search too. But that should help you find a group that you can join and get the 50% off. Oh, and no worries. Being part of a group doesn’t mean anything other than getting a discount. Make sense?

Have you ever been to a Weekend to Remember? Care to tell us about your experience?

I was not asked to blog about our experience and neither did I get reimbursed for this post in any way. I simply wanted to share about our experience because we enjoyed it so much.

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My Absence

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

I’m sure some of you are wondering just what happened to me that I suddenly stopped posting on here the last several days. Well, God brought an unexpected turn of events into our lives on Thursday, November 11.

Our little daughter Eleni Jo surprised us by arriving 5 1/2 weeks early on 11/11/10 at 8:25 am. Because of her early birth, we knew that she would knew that she would need to be in the NICU for at least a couple of days. We soon realized shortly after she was born though that things were more serious than we ever anticipated. Eleni was born with Thanatophoric dysplasia, a form of dwarfism that basically left her with no chance of living due to underdeveloped lungs along with several other things. The doctors and nurses worked hard to help her survive, but soon realized that there was no hope. After living for 2 hours, she died very peacefully in our arms.

Her name means “shining light” and “sweetheart” and that really is what she was and is. She is our little sweetheart who is now a shining light in heaven. Her short life has impacted ours in so many ways and one of those is that we have an even stronger desire to serve God with all of our hearts and someday be able to be reunited with her in heaven.

The past several days have been so hard.  We hurt. We cry. We miss our sweet, dark haired Eleni.  And yet we also feel a peace that I can’t quite describe.  God really is carrying us.  He is WITH us and for that we are SO thankful.

I’ll probably be back to posting at least some in the next day or two.

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Dreaming of Tiny Sweetness…

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Logan at just several days old.

I heard the most beautiful and amazing sound this morning…our baby’s strong, steady heart beat. Thank you Jesus that all is well!

Yes, I am pregnant and yes we are more than excited to be experiencing the gift of new life once again. We are anxious to meet him/her mid-December- seems a long way off but I’m sure it will be here before I know it!

So if you have thought I seemed to be a bit absent on here lately that is the reason. I was not feeling very good and had zero energy so I was doing a lot of resting. And of course any energy I had went into doing my basic household chores and taking care of one active little nearly 2 year old. I’m glad to be feeling quite a bit better and am enjoying a bit more energy. Hopefully it will only keep improving! :)

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Just a Little Peek

Monday, January 4th, 2010

As you’ve probably figured out, we are back home after our little “vacation” in Maryland with family. I really enjoyed hanging out with my immediate family and doing Christmas with them and also reconnecting with many of the relatives in my Mom’s family at the annual New Year’s reunion. It feels like it was a good breather from daily life. Problem is, now I’m feeling a little frantic trying to catch up with everything!

Just for fun, I thought I’d post some pictures of my little family. I always think it’s fun to get a little peek into other bloggers lives and it has been a while since I’ve done that for you all.

Logan opening his gift

He absolutely LOVED the little animals that he got!

Me with my gift from my Sweetheart…I’ve been wanting a stove top popcorn popper for a long time. Oh and in case you are wondering, the papers are some wonderful gift coupons for things like a footrub, a dinner out, an evening off of washing dishes. I love my man!

Proof that the simple things in life can bring lots of fun!

We’ve been hearing lots of “music” lately!

And just several more from our big snowstorm a few weeks ago.
Ready to head outside!

Daddy & Logan

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