A Peak Into Our Week of Vacation

This past week we’ve been enjoying a little family vacation and it has been absolutely lovely!  This is the first family vacation that we’ve ever taken just for fun (as opposed to going to visit family, which is what we’ve typically done) and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.  The last year has felt incredibly busy and hard in a number of different ways and we felt like we needed some time to just relax and breathe and reconnect as a family.

We’ve been in Northern Kentucky at a lovely little guesthouse that I found on Airbnb.com.  It’s been just perfect for us; it’s small enough to feel cozy and yet big enough that the children had room to play.  The kitchen is nice sized too which has allowed us to make our own meals and save money in the process.

It’s beautiful where we live in Pennsylvania, but there is something about the rolling hills, all the trees and the rugged beauty here in KY that just made me fall in love with the area.  I honestly think I could live here and that is not something I say very quickly!

This man of mine insisted on giving me a true vacation. He’s been so sweetly getting up early with the children, doing dishes and even making a lot of our meals! I feel quite undeserving….but am grateful all the same.  And the break has been so glorious and refreshing!  He’s so good to me and oh how I love him!

The two oldest kids and I.  What’s with little boys and goofy faces on pictures?!

We spent a lot of our time simply relaxing but we also headed to the Creation Museum one day.  In addition to the museum, they also have a lovely botanical gardens that we enjoyed walking through.  The gardens were the perfect spot to eat our packed lunch.  So much beauty there!

Another evening we headed to Dairy Queen and got $1 medium cones, their weekly special here, and then headed to the local park.  They had the coolest playground with this huge slide.  We all had fun going down it- yes, even me!  It was crazy fun!

And this evening we enjoyed a small taste of Cincinnati, Ohio.  They have an amazingly beautiful waterfront there.  See all that nice green grassy area along the river?  That’s all part of a park and it’s so very lovely.  We enjoyed walking along the river and around the various sections of the park.

In the park there was this row of huge swings along the river front.  Such a great idea!  It was so peaceful to sit there and swing, looking out over the river.  Well, at least it was peaceful when our rambunctious 2 yr. old would sit still long enough to swing!

 We also walked across this bridge and the children thought it was the coolest thing!

Sometimes I forget that you don’t have to spend a lot to have a great time and make wonderful memories.  It’s easy to think that in order to truly enjoy your vacation you really must do all the touristy, expensive things that you see advertised everywhere.

But obviously, some of us need to remember that little things like drinking from a water fountain and splashing your sister the process are obviously a blast too!  And the bonus?  It’s free!

All told, our evening in Cincinnati cost us just $7, which was for parking.  But we had a beautiful evening full of enjoying each other and making memories together.  It was such a good reminder for me that sometimes the simple things are truly the best things!

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