4 Frugal & 4 UnFrugal Things I Did Recently (July)

Most of the time I share about the different things that I (we) do to help us save money because that’s what this blog is all about: inspiring you to save money and live well.

But even though I love to save money and am passionate about it, I sometimes do un-frugal things too.  Sometimes I mess up on a coupon deal.  Sometimes I just simply don’t have the energy to do the thing that I should do to save money.  And sometimes I might decide that saving the money isn’t worth it this time around.

So just for fun, I do posts about 4 frugal and 4 un-frugal things that I did recently- you know, let you see a little bit of both!  Here’s this month’s list.

4 Frugal Things

Straining the yogurt

1.  Made my own Greek yogurt.
I needed Greek yogurt for a recipe and instead of buying it, I simply made my own.  It’s really very simple and much, much cheaper.  I used my homemade yogurt recipe and made it without the sugar.  After it was cultured and cold, I simply strained it for a while until most of the liquid drained off.  I was left with a nice, creamy Greek yogurt!

2.  Saved water by reusing it.
I froze a lot of green beans this past month and quite often instead of dumping the water that I used to rinse the beans, I would simply use it to water our house plants or the flowers and vegetables in our garden.  Since we live in the city we pay for our water so every little bit helps!

3.  Redeemed $10 in free Shop Your Way points.
I’ve mentioned before how I love Kmart/Sear’s Shop Your Way Rewards program.  I very frequently get free reward points that I can use on all sorts of things.  The most recent free points were for $10 that I could on any home dept. items.  A couple of months ago I broke my glass 1 cup measure and never got it replaced.  So I used my points to get another one as well as a small glass dish.  I’m trying to slowly move away from using plastic containers in the microwave so this will be one more dish to help me accomplish that.  With my points, both things were totally free!

4.  Expanded my blogging knowledge for free.
I’m always trying to learn more about blogging and while I would love to go to a blog conference, right now I don’t have the time or money for that.  Plus, it’s just not very doable with a 6 month old baby!  But I’ve purposed to learn as much as I can for free and recently I’ve really enjoyed listening to quite a few How They Blog podcasts.  If you blog or are interested in blogging I’d recommend them.

4 UnFrugal Things

1.  Donated clothes.
I had a couple grocery bags full of adult clothing that I recently donated to Goodwill.  I could have tried to sell it at our next yard sale or tried consigning it somewhere but honestly, I just didn’t feel like it was worth the bother.  In my experience adult clothes haven’t sold that well and besides, sometimes it just feels good to give something away to help someone else!

2.  Turned down free green beans.
I have this policy that I try to never turn down free food.  I mean, it just seems like a no-brainer to say yes if someone offers us something!  But last week my mom-in-law offered me more green beans from their prolific garden.  I ended up telling her no because I didn’t really need them since I had preserved a bunch already this year and also because I have been so, so busy lately that I knew I had to cut something to keep my sanity.

3.  Bought canned beans.
Now some of you might be wondering why buying canned beans is such an unfrugal thing to do.  Well, see, it’s actually cheaper to buy dried beans and cook them yourself.  And in actuality, it’s a pretty easy thing to do.  But like I mentioned earlier, we’ve had a lot going on this summer and so I decided for right now it’s totally worth paying the extra to buy canned beans.  Sometimes you have to weigh the benefits of money saving things and sometimes you just decided it’s better to spend a bit more.

4.  Paid to have our oil changed.
My husband is a handy fellow and he usually changes the oil in our vehicles since it’s not that hard for him to do.  But he’s taking summer college classes plus trying to work 4 days a week too and his time is pretty precious.  So recently when our oil needed to be changed we ended up having our mechanic do it.  It wasn’t that expensive but it did make me realize how much we usually save by him doing it!

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