Monthly Spending Summary (May)

If you want to see exactly what I purchased, check the posts under My Deals for more details.

Well, I did really well with my grocery spending again this month.  Even if I hadn’t had the gas savings I would have almost been under my $220 budget.  But the gas savings are what really gives me a boost.  Not only do I get free gas, many of the items I purchase actually turn into moneymakers with the deal!  I estimate that I make about $20 a month on average thanks to the gas deals that I do.

I’m almost tempted to drop my grocery budget back down to $200 a month.  We had raised it the beginning of the year to help give us a bit more leeway since we are now a family of 5 and since grocery prices are rising.  But since I’ve been able to do so well I’m thinking of dropping it to $200 for the rest of the year and putting that extra $20 a month (or $140 for the year) into our budget for fixing up our house.  There are some projects there that I’d really love to get done and the extra budget would help.  And I think we are eating quite well anyway, so I don’t really feel like spending more money on our food and household needs!

I do love having the extra though.  It’s freed me up to not have to be quite so focused on doing deal shopping which has been wonderful this summer when life is busier.  Plus it is good to take a bit of a breather from it occasionally too, just to refocus and not get burned out.  Because face it, deal shopping is work.  Why do you think most people don’t bother doing it?

For those of you that care, here are the stats…

Monthly Grocery/Household Budget: $220
Total Spent: $65.24
Total Saved with Coupons: $84.98
Total Saved with Sales: $80.01
Total Saved: $164.99 + $167.00 in gas savings (thanks to grocery purchases)

Week 1: $3.17
Week 2: $76.88
Week 3: $55.90
Week 4: -$62.70 (this was a negative due to gas savings credit)

Credits: $8.01
I cashed out my Saving Star earnings.  This is such a simple way to save and I love that it can be combined with sales and paper coupons!

Ending Monthly Balance: -$154.76
This is the amount that I am under budget for the month!

Ending Annual Balance: -$449.59
In case you are confused, this is the amount I am under budget for the year.  I’ve mentioned before that I do a lot of canning and freezing so in the next couple of months I’ll be spending quite a bit of money on fruits and vegetables for that.  Still, I think I’m sitting pretty well and like I mentioned above, I’m very seriously considering dropping my budget to $200 again.

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