4 Frugal & 4 UnFrugal Things I Did Last Week

I know most of the time I share about the different things that I (we) do to help us save money.  And really, that’s what I want this blog to be about.  Because my hope is that by reading the things I post about that you will be inspired to use your money wisely as well.  (Although obviously the ways you save will look different than the ways that I save.)

But even though I love to save money and am passionate about it, I sometimes do unfrugal things too.  Sometimes I mess up on a coupon deal.  Sometimes I just simply don’t have the energy to do the thing that I should do to save money.  And sometimes I might decide that saving the money isn’t worth it this time around.

And so I thought it would be fun to do a post about 4 frugal and 4 unfrugal things that I did last week- you know, let you see a little bit of both.

4 Frugal Things

1.  Bought The Original Bubble Tumbler for the kids.
I’m trying to think ahead to fun outside activities to keep the kids occupied this summer.  With living in the city and not having much yard and with the kids getting older, I know that I’m going to have to help the be creative to not get bored.

One of the things that I thought about was bubbles.  But last year I got so tired of wasting bubbles because of them accidentally spilling them.  And so when someone told me about this Bubble Tumbler I decided to get it and figured it would pay for itself plus save me the hassle of cleaning up sticky, bubble messes.  So far I’m loving it!  Even our busy 2 yr. old can use it and not get messy.  And I can rest easy knowing they are having fun without making a big mess.

Oh and I even used an Amazon gift card earned through Swagbucks to pay for it so technically it was sort of free!

2.  Went yardsaling.
This past Sat. we decided to go do some yardsaling as a family.  My husband rarely goes with me since he doesn’t really enjoy it, but he promised me he’d go at least once this year since he knows how much I like having him along.  It was a bit interesting traipsing around with 3 little ones and really, it probably wasn’t the most efficient use of our time.  But we had fun and made some good family memories!  And it’s definitely an inexpensive way to do that.

We also got some good deals: cheap and free kid’s clothes, some shoes for the kids for just $1.00 each, a few toys including a huge dollhouse with accessories for just $10 and random other things.

You know my favorite thing about buying toys at yard sales? I don’t have to feel awful if my child breaks the toy.  After all, I didn’t pay much for it in the first place.  Plus if we buy a toy and then several months later our kids are tired of it, we can get rid of it while still getting our money’s worth out of it.

3.  Used WizClips.
WizClips is a coupon clipping service that you can buy coupons from- the catch is that you have to buy 10 of the same coupon at a time.  Because of that and because I hate to actually pay for coupons I don’t use them often.  But I had a couple of rain checks for items that I knew I could use more coupons for.  So I bought some off WizClips.  All told I spent $2.50 on the coupons which will save me well over $15!

4.  Bought Mother’s Day Cards at the Dollar Store.
Did you know that Dollar Tree has all their cards for just $0.50 each?  They are made by American Greetings and while some of them maybe aren’t quite as nice as the American Greetings cards that you buy elsewhere, they are still nice.  And I prefer not spending a lot of money on something that is going to just get thrown out anyway!

4 UnFrugal Things

1.  Bought breakfast instead of eating at home.
The morning that we went yardsaling, we left quite early.  And while we could have eaten breakfast at home, we didn’t want to take the time.  Plus it was kind of a family outing so my husband said we could just make it more fun and eat breakfast out.  Of course I didn’t argue with that suggestion!

We ended up stopping at Subway and got a couple of their breakfast sandwiches-  and I didn’t even have any coupons for them!  (We typically try to eat at restaurants that we have coupons for.)

2. Threw out food.
If you follow me on Facebook you saw this post:
“Um, I think making a ‘soup bucket‘ dinner and then forgetting about the leftovers in the fridge and letting them spoil kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? Yeah, thought so. At least we got one meal out of it! (And I’m sure some of you are thinking maybe it was because it wasn’t very good. Actually it was quite tasty…somehow it just kept passing under the radar when I was looking through the fridge for food.)”

I hate throwing out food and it always frustrates me at myself when I do because it seems like such an easy thing to avoid.

3.  Used my dryer.
I actually love hanging laundry out but one day last week I just simply ran out of energy.  It was a busy day, the children were grumpy and I was tired.  The weather was beautiful and I easily could have hung that load of laundry on the line but decided to cut myself some slack and just threw it in the dryer instead.

4.  Bought hamburger rolls.
My husband recently got done with college for the year and I wanted to do a little something special to celebrate.  So I made a picnic supper that included hamburgers and our 6 yr. old and I had fun setting things up and surprising him.

Anyway, I needed rolls for the burgers and while I much prefer homemade rolls and enjoy making them, again I simply didn’t have the time or energy to do it.  So instead I ran to the store and grabbed some hamburger rolls.  And was much less stressed as a result!

What frugal or unfrugal things did you do recently?  I’d love to hear about it!

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