8 Things that I’m Loving Right Now (April 2014)

Here are the things I’m loving this month…..

1.  I love this Ball Mason jar free printable from Redfly Creations!  She put it in a white frame and used it in her laundry room and I just think it looks lovely!  I’m trying to decide if I could pull it off in my kitchen.

2.  I’m starting to dig around in the dirt again and am so grateful for this handy little Fuller Hand & Nail Brush.   It’s seriously a must-have if you at all garden.  The small brush side is perfect for scrubbing the dirt out from underneath your nails and the bigger side is nice for scrubbing your hands clean.

3.  These tips on giving food as a gift  are excellent.  So good to remember if you are taking someone a meal!

4.  A friend recommended these Honey Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes and so I gave them a try recently.  We loved them!  They really aren’t that sweet and I thought they were just a fun, different way to enjoy sweet potatoes.

5.  Getting ready to spring clean?  How about getting the kids involved?  Here are 6 Fun Ways to Make Spring Cleaning a Family Affair.

6.  This Conair Sound Machine has been a lifesaver for me!  It’s perfect for putting in the baby’s room to kind of tune out the noise the rest of us make and help her get a good nap.  We also have one in the kid’s room and it’s especially awesome during the summer months when we have the windows open and the neighbors are out back partying making noise.  This machine makes just enough white noise to block that out and allow the kids to sleep.

7. This app just looks like fun.  I can’t try for the life of me, but I could at least take pictures and then make them look like a painting?  Sound easier at any rate!

8.  And for a laugh, you really need to read this.

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