Weekly Spending Summary (4/6-4/12)

Some of you have wondered where I get my printable coupons. Here are the main coupon sites that I use: Coupons.com, Coupon Network, Smart Source, Red Plum, Ibotta, Hopster, Checkout 51 and Saving Star.  Manufacturer websites and Facebook pages are another great source.

Favorite buys:

  • Free Crest toothpaste
  • Free Nexcare medical tape
  • $1.69 Eight O’Clock coffee
  • Free fish sticks
  • Bacon for $1.24/lb!

Total Spent: $69.90
Total Saved with Coupons: $24.00
Total Saved with Sales: $28.03
Total Saved:$52.03

CVS: $0 (gift card)
Saved with Coupons: $12.50
Saved with Sales: $4.99

I used a gift card that we earned through our credit card rewards program to pay for this purchase of $1.47.

The toothpaste was free, the Nexcare a moneymaker of $0.50, the Dawn cost $0.50 and the nuts were just a decent price.  I was very happy to get the medical tape as we were needing some.  I’m amazed how often something unusual like that that we need just “happens” to be on sale about the time we need it!


  • Dawn dish soap $0.99
  • Crest toothpaste $4.99
    (bought with rain check)
  • CVS brand almonds $3.50
  • Nexcare medical tape $4.49

Coupons Used:

  • $1.00 Crest printable coupon
  • $0.50 Dawn coupon from Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
  • $11.00 in Extra Bucks (CVS coupon that print at register for purchasing specific items

Got Back:

  • $4.00 in Extra Bucks coupon for purchasing the Crest (can be used on next purchase of any item)
  • $5.00 in Extra Bucks coupon for purchasing the Nexcare (can be used on next purchase of any item)

Giant: $14.61
Saved with Coupons: $11.50
Saved with Sales: $23.04

I got some wonderful deals this week even though I didn’t do any of the gas deals.  There were some decent gas deal that I could have done but I didn’t really need any of the products and just decided to pass them up this time.

The Ragu was $0.75 each, the Eight O’Clock coffee was just $1.69, the ketchup was $1.49, the Fisher Boy fish stick were free and the Farmland bacon only $1.24 each!  I was super excited to get bacon for such a great price.  We’ve already enjoyed some in homemade Egg McMuffin sandwiches using some of the Thomas English Muffins that I got several weeks ago for incredibly cheap.  Such a delicious, easy meal!

I also was happy to get more coffee before summer hits.  This will likely be the last good deal I’ll be able to get on it until fall or early winter.  And while we don’t go through coffee as fast in the summer as we do in the cold months, we still do use it- especially for homemade iced coffee. (You’ll find a link to the recipe below where I talk about it and the free coffee that I got!)


  • 2 Ragu pasta sauce $1.25 each
  • 4 Eight O’Clock coffee $2.69 each (on sale buy one, get one free)
  • Nature’s Promise organic ketchup $1.99
  • 2 Fisher Boy Fish Sticks $0.99 each
  • 4 Farmland Bacon $2.24 each (on sale buy one, get one free)

Coupons Used:

  • $1/2 Ragu coupon from Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
  • Two $2/2 Eight O’clock printable coupon
  • $0.50 Nature’s Promise coupon from in-store coupon machine
  • Two $1.00 Fisher Boy printable coupons
  • Four $1.00 Farmland printable coupons

Aldi: $16.54

Stopped by Aldi for a few of my “regular” things as well as a few things that I don’t normally purchase like canned Great Northern Beans.  We were having guests for dinner the one evening and while I like to have people over, I always get hung up on what to serve.  There were lots of things that I could have made using ingredients that I had on hand but for some reason my Creamy White Chili just felt like the thing to make.  It’s delicious and so easy to throw together.  And so I decided to go ahead and get the beans and sour cream to make that.  Silly?  Maybe.  But sometimes it’s worth spending a tad more just to alleviate the stress!


  • Sweet Potatoes 3lb. $1.79
  • 2 Sour Cream $1.29 each
  • Coffee Filters $1.19
  • Cinnamon $0.99
  • Spinach $1.79
  • Heavy Whipping Cream $1.99
  • Corn Chips $0.89
  • Napkins $1.49
  • Brown Sugar $1.19
  • 4 Great Northern Beans $0.59 each

Misc.: $38.75

  • $20.00 of this was for grocery cash.  I’ll use this to purchase produce at our local farmer’s market as well as eggs from a local farm.

  • $18.75 of this was for 15 lbs. of ground beef that we bought from my in-laws.  My dad-in-law works for a farmer and they had a cow go down that needed to be butchered.  His boss told him that he could have it for the cost of butchering it and they generously allowed us to enjoy some of at that price too- just $1.25/lb.!  And that other little pack of meat that you see?  It’s some bologna that they got made as well.  My mom-in-law just threw that in as a little bonus!I’m going to use my trick of mixing ground turkey with the ground beef to make it last longer, since I can get ground turkey for much less than I can typically find ground beef.

  • This Dunkin’ Donuts coffee was totally free!  Yes, you read right.  I was so excited!  I won a giveaway from my favorite couponing blog, For the Mommas and this was part of it.  Even better than the coffee was the $250 Visa gift card that was part of the giveaway package as well.  I’m serious, I nearly fell off my chair when I read the email saying that I had won that!  Such a fun surprise!  And the coffee is really good too.   I’ve been enjoying it in my homemade iced coffee.
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