Free $5 to $15 Reward Card from Shop Your Way Rewards

Through April 12, if you are a Shop Your Way Rewards member you can enter the Sears Days Mystery Award Card Sweeps to earn a free $5 to $15 mystery award card, no purchase necessary. Mystery award card will be received within 14 days.

To get your free Mystery Award Card, select the “Mystery Award Card” Promotion banner, click “Get Started Now” and follow the instructions to accept these Official Rules and privacy policy. Then answer the 3 poll questions to receive your free award card.

If you aren’t a Shop Your Way Rewards member, I highly recommend becoming one!  (And no, I have no affiliation to them- I just love the program!)  Shop Your Way Rewards is a great rewards program that Sears and Kmart offers.  Basically, you earn points for purchasing items at Sears or Kmart, both in-store or online.  But the really great thing is that they often give out bonus points too!  In fact, I used to pretty much never shop at either store but now, thanks to the bonus points, I’ve shopped their quite a bit the last year and have gotten many things for free or almost free just because of the bonus reward offers that they email me.

In fact, just in the last week I was able to purchase a pair of sandals for my son as well as two nice t-shirts all for only $5!  This was thanks to two bonus reward offers that I received via email.  I ordered the items online and then picked them up at our local Sears store and so I didn’t have to even pay for shipping.  You can barely get those things for that price when you buy used at yard sales!

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