8 Things That I’m Loving Right Now (March 2014)

When I see something I really like or when I use something I really love, I often find myself thinking, “I wish I could tell my blog readers about this!”   And sometimes I can because it fits with the money-saving theme of this blog.  Or I’ll post it on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Google + and those of you that follow me there might see it.  But sometimes, well, I just can’t find a way to work the wonderful thing that I like into a post.  Or I post it on social media and get frustrated because only a small amount of you actually will see it.

And so I had this idea of doing a Things I Love Right Now post where I share all sorts of things that I’m currently enjoying.  Some of them are frugal type of things but some of them are not.  But all of them will hopefully inspire you in some way.  At least that is the goal!

So here are 8 things that I’ve enjoyed lately!

Ps.  I’d love to know if you enjoy a post like this. 

1. Loving this free printable from Lindsay Letters!  I think it would be cute inexpensive decor for a little girl’s room.  Or really, any girl’s room!

2. I was scrubbing dishes elsewhere recently and was wishing they had one of these Progressive Pan Scraper.  I realized then just how much I use mine!  It truly is the bomb for scraping off food and isn’t as abrasive as a Stainless Steel Sponge.  (Although I love my stainless steal sponges too!  And the Fuller Brush brand are awesome and last practically forever.  Seriously!)

3. I’ve been having fun trying some new drinks this winter and this Homemade Chai Tea Latte (with dairy-free option) has become a favorite.  I add a bit more sweetener just cause I prefer it that way and I often add a bit of coffee too to create my variation of a “dirty chai”.

4. Decorating is not something that comes easily for me but I love getting inspiration from others who are gifted in this area.  And when I saw this freshly decorated boys room in gray and red I was inspired.  In fact, it made me want to tackle some decorating that desperately needs to happen around here.  I’m currently scheming a shopping trip to hopefully make it happen!

5. The last couple of months I’ve been very grateful for this Complete Book of Farmyard Tales from Usborne books.  It was a favorite with my son and now is giving my 2 yr. old daughter lots of entertainment too.  She’s a very busy little girl so any book that can keep her attention that much gets awards from me!

6. This free snow boot idea cracked me up when I saw it.  Pretty creative I’d say!  I know that we are pretty much done with winter for the year, but just in case you don’t have boots and need some anytime soon…

7.  If you have no self-control, then don’t make this Buffalo Chicken Dip.  It’s absolutely addictive!  And if you follow my tip of keeping cooked chicken in your freezer, it’s a cinch to throw together too!

8.  I was super inspired by this post with 5 tips on how a young couple paid off their house in a short amount of time.  If you need a kick in the seat of the pants to get on track (or stay on track) financially, you’ll want to read this!

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