Reader Tip: Save Big by Purchasing Marked Down Meat

I love when my readers take the time to comment on my posts.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve been inspired or learned something new about saving money from you all!

Reader Joelle recently left this great tip on my 6 Ways to Save Money on Meat post:

I have to eat gluten and dairy free and also need a lot of protein. I am also disabled. This leaves me with the compounded issue of needing to buy some of the more expensive items to round out my diet with a very small food budget (often as low as $70 at this point- includes toiletries etc-, which is not much in Boston7).

One of the best ways I have found to save money on meat is to find out when they do last day mark downs- meat and poultry are marked down significantly every single day in every store, throughout each department, usually around the same time each day, the day before the sell by date. There is nothing wrong with this meat. Stores will mark it down at least fifty percent but I often find it marked down sixty five or seventy percent. If you find a cut that is not marked down and has a sell by date for the next day, most stores will just mark it down right there. They do this because they need to get it out of the store or lose money on it.

I have asked the butchers at the stores what time they usually do their mark downs and come in around that time when I can budget in a bit of time and money- I pick up several cuts and prep them with marinade and put them in the freezer. Freezing them with marinade is great because the marinade works into the meat better, btw. Anyway, this is pretty much the only way I can afford meat that is of a decent cut with any frequency and it saves a huge amount of money. I’m surprised this is not posted here. :)

While I personally haven’t found meat marked down as low as what Joelle mentions, I have been able to occasionally get some great deals on meat by watching for marked down items.  I’ve learned that some grocery stores do this more quickly than other and for me, our local Weis Markets is the place that I’ve been able to find the best deals.

If you are looking to try to save money (and aren’t we all!), I’d highly recommend at least scanning your grocery store’s meat department each time you are there to see if  you can find any good deals on marked down items.  Many stores also do this with the pre-packaged items in the produce department too.

Do you by marked down meat?  Have you ever asked to have something reduced?  How do you save on high priced items?

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