Free Pair of Glasses from (new customer’s only!)

**Unfortunately, this offer is no longer available!**

If you wear glasses, you know just how expensive it can be to get a new good quality pair.  So I was excited to find out about this deal from (formerly known as Coastal Contacts).  New customers can get a free pair of frames and lenses for just the cost of shipping (which averages about $13) when you use coupon code FIRSTPAIRFREE at  checkout.  All that you will need is your prescription which you can easily get from any local eye doctor.  And get this, if you try them on at home and find the frames don’t fit, return shipping is free!

I haven’t needed new glasses so I haven’t been able to try myself, but my sister got a free pair from Coastal and had only good things to say about them.  Also, Wilma left this comment on my Pinterest post “I’ve gotten a pair from them and I LOVE them!!”

Want to try them yourself?  Head over to and get your own pair of excellent quality designer frames for free.  Well, I guess actually for the cost of shipping.  But compared to what you normally pay for glasses?  Well, it’s about as good as free!

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