Monthly Spending Summary (Nov.)

If you want to see exactly what I purchased, check the posts under My Deals for more details.

I was hoping to be under budget for the month, and in a sense I was because I have a couple of items that I purchased that I will get rebates for before the end of the year.  The thing is, I’ve also been purchasing some extra staples to help me out for when the baby comes.  I’ve been making up extra granola and other food to put in the freezer and also just trying to stock up on some basics like toilet paper so that we’re all set for a bit and I don’t have to worry about that.  So while I know that is causing my spending to be up, I still really hope to try to get under budget by the end of Dec. so that I can end the year well!

Monthly Grocery/Household Budget: $200
Total Spent: $209.88
Total Saved with Coupons: $249.31
Total Saved with Sales: $240.15
Total Saved: $489.46 + 20.50 in gas savings (thanks to grocery purchases)

Week 1: $82.93
Week 2: $61.50
Week 3: $50.36
Week 4: $15.09

Credits: $3.00

This was for a Staples Easy Rebate that I did.

Ending Monthly Balance: -$6.88
This is the amount that I am over budget for the month!

Ending Annual Balance: $50.33
In case you are confused, this is the amount I am over (yes, OVER) budget for the year.   Last month I was over budget as well, so by adding that amount to this month’s spending it obviously put me even more over.

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