Ting: Inexpensive Cell Phone Plan (saves us well over $250 a year!)

I’m always looking for ways to save money, so when I heard about Ting earlier this year I knew that it was the perfect solution for us to use to save on our cell phone bill!

4 Reasons Why I love Ting:

1.  A lot less expensive!
We pay less for two phones with Ting than what we had been paying for one phone on a very inexpensive, basic plan with AT&T.  Most months we pay just under $30 total for both of our phones and that includes taxes and regulatory fees.

2. We could afford a phone for my husband.
Because of the low cost, we finally felt like we could justify getting my husband a cell phone.  He had never had one but due to some new circumstances it was feeling like a definite need!

3. I got a smartphone and still pay less than before!
I’ve wanted a smartphone for a long time and I love that with Ting, I could get one and still pay less than what I did for my old flip phone plan.  Plus, I’m able to use various free apps on my smartphone and save money too!  In fact, this month, the money I saved via apps will cover the cost of our bill!

(Curious about how I do that?  Stay tuned for a post about my favorite money saving apps and how they work.  I plan to post it soon.)

4. We only pay for the minutes/texts/data we use.
I can’t tell you how much I love this!  It’s just so, so simple.


4 Basics About Ting

Ting is hosted by the Sprint Network which simply means that they use Sprint’s towers.  If you have decent Sprint coverage in your area, then I think you’ll be happy with Ting.

Ting implements a pay-for-what-you-use method of billing. They have “buckets” of voice minutes, texts and data that come in different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL).  At the end of the month you pay for however much you used in each category plus a $6 per device fee.

This means you have control over how much you pay.  If you are getting close to using all your minutes one month, have plenty of texts left and don’t want to hit the next “bucket”, just use your texts instead!

Here’s a chart that shows you the various “buckets” and how the billing system works:

I’ve been super impressed with Ting’s customer service.  I was pretty confused when I was trying to bring my phone over to Ting and when I contacted customer service they were prompt and super helpful.  I’ve had to contact them several times since and have always had prompt, thorough help.  In fact, get this: when you call them you will actually get to talk to a real, live person instead of a computerized system!  How awesome is that?

Oh, and one month I used 1 megabyte of data (and actually this was accidental).  I didn’t even contact Ting to explain what had happened, but on their own, Ting was awesome enough not to even charge me for it!  Also, when my husband joined Ting several months after me, he joined part way through the billing cycle.  So instead of charging him the full $6 device fee for the month, they only charged him $4.80 which reflected the amount of days that he was actually with Ting.  You can see both of those things in the image below.


* Alerts
You can set up an alert to let you know via email or text when you hit a certain limit of usage.  This is a great way to keep yourself from spending more than you want to spend!

You can also just log into your Ting account online at anytime and see your usage- it appears as an easy to read chart like you see above.

* Devices
Ting allows you to use almost any Sprint device on their network.  While you can purchase your phone through Ting, when I was looking for our phones I found that it was cheaper to buy them through Ebay.  We went with a very basic flip-phone that cost us about $40 for my husband.  And for myself we got a used HTC EVO 4G smartphone for less than $100.  It’s been simple to use and I’ve been extremely happy with it!

Interested in giving Ting a try?  Sign up today and get a $25 credit that you can use for either your device or towards your service cost!

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