Monthly Spending Summary (August)

If you want to see exactly what I purchased, check the posts under My Deals for more details.

Well, now that we are almost done with September I thought I’d better finally get my August Monthly Spending Summary posted.  Really, it’s kind of pathetic that I am just now getting to it but I had good reasons.  See, my husband started back to college this fall and things have been absolutely crazy as we try to adjust to a new, busier schedule.  He is the one that takes care of our budgeting and simply did not have the time to get caught up on it until this week.  We knew roughly where we were with our spending, so it wasn’t terrible, but definitely not an ideal way to live.  Anyway, I was waiting for him to get everything entered to compare it to my records before I posted this, and hence the wait.

You’ll see that I am a bit over budget for the year.  It kind of bothers me and it kind of doesn’t.  See, this time of year I almost always go over budget a bit because of all the fruits and veggies that I buy to can and freeze.  They really take a chunk out of my grocery budget and while I try to plan ahead for it, I still usually go a bit over.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to get back under budget in the next 2 months, so for that reason it doesn’t bother me.  I don’t however, everlike to be over budget so in that sense it does bother me.

Monthly Grocery/Household Budget: $200
Total Spent: $254.65
Total Saved with Coupons: $116.14
Total Saved with Sales: $146.61
Total Saved: $262.75 + 101.70 in gas savings* (thanks to grocery purchases)

* for details see individual Weekly Spending Summaries

Week 1: $110.41
Week 2: $41.00
Week 3: $50.52
Week 4: $52.72

Credits: $7.29
This was for a Staple Easy Rebate….bought printer paper that was free after the rebate.

Ending Monthly Balance: $47.36
This is the amount that I am over budget for the month!

Ending Annual Balance: $31.04
In case you are confused, this is the amount I am over (yes, OVER) budget for the year.   Last month I was under budget, so by adding that amount to this month’s spending it helped bail me out just a bit.

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