Household Tip: Reuse Tortilla Bags

I was getting ready to throw a resealable tortilla bag in the trash one day several month ago when I suddenly had this epiphany:  Why not reuse it?  And honestly it was such a simple, obvious thing that I almost laughed at not thinking of it sooner.  But maybe I’m not alone and you never thought about it before either…

Reuse the resealable plastic bags that you get tortillas in as you would Ziploc bags…for sandwiches, cookies, snacks, whatever!  (Just a note, I’ve not used them in the freezer and I doubt they’d work as well as freezer bags do since they are made of more lightweight plastic.  But for short term needs, they work wonderfully!)

Why I recommend it:
It’s an easy way to save a little bit of money and reduce waste too!  And if you are weird like me and feel guilty if you don’t wash Ziploc bags and reuse them, this will help ease your conscience too.  Since these are more lightweight and since I’d be throwing them out anyway, I don’t really feel bad just using them once.  :)

How much will it save me?:
Well, this quite obviously depends how often you use tortillas and how much you use Ziploc bags.  But I’m going to guess that the average person could save at least the cost of one box of Ziploc type bags a year.  No, the savings won’t make you rich, but then it’s the little things that add up, right?

Do you have a creative use for tortilla bags or other “trash”?  

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