Recipe: Easy Frozen Peaches


We love fruit around here and I’ve found that one of the ways to save on the cost of fruit is to buy it in season and then can or freeze it to enjoy the rest of the year.  I can some peaches but our favorite way to eat them is frozen- well, actually slightly thawed and just a little bit slushy.  It’s almost like eating fresh peaches! And if you pack lunches of any sort these are perfect to add to them since they act sort of like an ice pack.

I typically use Red Haven peaches for freezing since they don’t discolor as quickly, but really, almost any peach will work.  The orange juice concentrate not only adds a great flavor but the acid from it also helps keep the peaches from turning brown.

If you want to enjoy some fresh peach goodness in the middle of the winter, give this recipe a try!

Update 8/27/14:  I just made this and only used 2 c. sugar and thought it was sweet enough.  So you may want to try that amount and taste it before adding more.

Easy Frozen Peaches- recipe can easily be halved
20 lb. peaches (before pealing or cutting- whole peaches)*
12 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate
4 c. sugar

Peel peaches and slice into small, bite sized pieces.   Add orange juice concentrate and sugar.  Mix and let sit until dissolved.  Scoop into containers and freeze.  To eat, thaw slightly and eat slushy.

* I typically just put the peaches in a dishpan and then weigh them on the bathroom scales.

Yields: approximately 8 1/2 qts.

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