6 Reasons I Shop at Aldi (and think you should too!)

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I love Aldi.  The other day as I was trying to take a nap my mind was racing.  I remembered that I needed to run to Aldi to get a few things and started thinking about all the reasons I love that place.  Suddenly, I realized that I needed to share with you all just why I think Aldi is so awesome!  :)

If you have an Aldi in your area, you really should check it out.  (Not sure if you do?  Use their store locator to find out.)

Here are 6 reasons that I love Aldi…and think you should shop their too.

1.  AWESOME Prices
Aldi’s prices pretty much always beat other store prices unless you always shop on sale and use lots of coupons.  Even then, I’ve found that many of their prices are better than what I’d pay otherwise.

Oh and don’t tell me you shop at Walmart, so you don’t need Aldi.  Because guess what?  Aldi has Walmart easily beat in their prices (and in many other ways too!).

Here’s an example of that.  I rarely shop at Walmart but needed to go there recently to use up a gift card.  I was totally out of potatoes and realized that I was going to need them before I got to Aldi again so I decided to grab some at Walmart.  At Aldi a 5 lb. bag of red potatoes costs me $2.49.  Want to know what a 5 lb. bag of red potatoes cost me at Walmart?  $4.97!  Yes, a whopping $2.48 more!  And I’ve seen this same thing when I’ve done other price comparisons between Aldi and Walmart.

Just to give you an idea of Aldi’s prices, here’s the current prices of some of the typical items I buy at Aldi:

* Canola Oil $2.69
* Chocolate Chips $1.79 12 oz.
* Whipping Cream $1.89 16 oz.
* Saltines $0.99
* Brown Sugar $1.29 2 lb.
* Parmesan Cheese $2.39 8 oz.
* Potato Chips $1.49 (and they’re really good!)

2.  Great Quality
Some people don’t want to shop at Aldi because they don’t carry name brand products and they are scared that the Aldi brands will taste cheap and “generic”.  Well, let me tell you that I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  At least I sure haven’t!

I can’t think of one Aldi product that I’ve tried that I’ve not liked, although there may have been one or two over the last 5 years that I have forgotten about.  On the contrary, I think many of their products taste just as good or are as good of quality as their name brand counterpart and a few of them I actually like better.  I personally prefer Aldi’s sour cream and saltines to other brands.  And we love their potato and corn chips and have frequently gotten comments about how good they are when we serve them to other people.  And if something doesn’t measure up?  No worries!  Because Aldi has a money back guarantee.

3.  Double Money Back Guarantee
Yup, that’s right.  Unlike any other store that I know Aldi has an amazing money back guarantee on their products.  If you are unsatisfied with any product for any reason they will not only refund you your money but also replace the product!

I’ve had Aldi honor this guarantee a handful of times for me.  Once I had bought a bag of spinach there, like I often do, and it started spoiling on me within the week….well before the “best by” date.  I returned it to the store and they happily stood by their guarantee.  More recently I had a bag of potatoes all go totally rotten on me in a little over a week!  The strange thing was that I had a few left from a bag that I had purchased several weeks before that and they were still fine.  I no longer had my receipt but I explained what happened to the manager and asked if they honor their guarantee on them.  (I was curious because the potatoes have no kind of date whatsoever on them.)  She said yes, they would honor their guarantee and though they wouldn’t refund my money since I didn’t have my receipt they would still give me another bag for free!  I was beyond impressed!

4.  Easy to Shop
Aldi stores are small but fresh and bright with wide aisles.  If they have displays out, they are located in such a way that it doesn’t typically hinder traffic flow.  I love not having to squeeze through tight aisles!  In our store at least there is plenty of room for two shopping carts to pass each other.

Also because they don’t have lots of different brands, shopping is simple.  No need to try to sort through 10 brands/varieties of peanut butter.  You’ll just find Aldi brand creamy or crunchy!  I find it refreshingly simple.

5.  Produce Specials
Not only does Aldi have great produce with decent everyday prices, they also have weekly produce specials that totally rock.  For example I recently got 8 oz. mushrooms and 1 lb. baby carrots for $0.69 each!  Bananas are regularly $0.44/lb.   And they even have started carrying some organic produce too!

6.  Fun Special Buys
One of my favorite aisles at Aldi is their special buys aisle.  You never know what you are going to find in this aisle and it changes every couple of weeks.  Sometimes they have small appliances, sometimes they have kid’s toys, sometimes they have home decor items.  Recently I got some really big cool sticker/activity books for $3.99 each.  They’ll be fun for my son to use when traveling and will make awesome additions to kid’s Christmas gifts.

Right now they have some really neat outdoor games like a 3 Hole Bean Bag toss for $17.99 or a Crane Washer Toss for $19.99.  I think that’s cheaper than my husband could make them!  They also have footballs and basketballs for $7.99.

If you are new to Aldi here are a couple of tips:

* Take a quarter.  One of the ways Aldi cuts costs is by making you “pay” a quarter to use a cart.  The good thing is, if you return the cart you’ll get your quarter back so it really doesn’t cost you anything!

* Take your own bags or use boxes from the store.  You’ll have to pay for bags at Aldi but you can take your own and save the cost.  Or you can simply find empty stock boxes on their shelves and use them to carry your items.  Again, this is a simple way that Aldi keeps their costs down.

* Bring cash or a debit card.  Aldi does not accept credit cards since it saves them money.  The good thing is that it also helps their consumers spend responsibly!

Do you shop at Aldi?  What do you love (or not love) about it?  If you don’t go there, why not?

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