$20 for 8×10 Photo Canvas from Canvas People (80% Off Other Sizes)

Looking for a great gift or an inexpensive wall hanging? Right now Canvas People is running an awesome sale on their photo canvases.  You can get an 8×10 Photo Canvas for just $20 shipped or you can some of the very largest canvases for 80% off.

I don’t want to make this complicated but I do want to save you as much money as possible.  There are actually two promotions right now: 60% off with free shipping or 80% off + shipping costs.   If you look at the chart below you can see the cost difference for each promotion.  Basically if you want to get a photo canvas that is 16×20 or smaller, then you’ll want to use the 60% off promo.  If you are getting a photo canvas that is 18×24 or larger, you’ll want to use the 80% off promo.  (Please be sure to click on the correct link as the links take you to the correct promo.

Want a canvas but don’t have a photo to use?  Check out Canvas People’s Photo Library.  You’ll find hundred’s of images.  Here’s a few examples:

Search for “The Best Things About Parenting”

Search for “Beach at Trouville”

Search for “Starry Night”

Search for “You are my Sunshine”

Search for “O is for Owl”

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