10 Sites with Free Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets and Resources

We’re just starting Kindergarten at home with our son and while I did buy some books to use with him, I’m already realizing that because he loves to learn I’m going to have to work to keep him busy.

And so I turned to the internet in search of some free printable worksheets and learning resources and wow, I was excited to find some really awesome sites!  While there are plenty of websites out there with free printables, many of them require that you download the printable pack of worksheets onto your computer.  I don’t know about you, but I hate cluttering up my computer with more stuff than necessary. And so I made sure that all of these sites allow you to access the printable worksheets without having to download them.   You can simply print them from their website, no downloading required.

Below you’ll find links to websites with all kinds of awesome printable worksheets that you can use to supplement your child’s preschool or kindergarten.  Or honestly, I think that you could find enough free printable worksheets to do all of your kindergarten at home for just the cost of ink and paper if you wanted too!

I hope you enjoy these 10 awesome websites!

1.  Confessions of a Homeschooler
* This site is full of lots of amazing printables.  You’ll find everything from math to science to phonics to art.

2.  Four Little Munchkins
* Free writing practice pages- these are so cool and she suggests putting them in picture frames and using dry erase markers to save on printing costs.  You could also just use page protectors or laminate them too.

3.  Kindergarten Worksheets.com
* Another site with hundreds of worksheets.  They have worksheets about seasons, numbers, letters, math, writing and more!

4.  Kids Learning Station
* Again, a site that offers many, many printable worksheets.  You’ll find worksheets focused on colors, shapes, sizes as well as the usual numbers and letters and much more.

5.  Math Aids
* Worksheets focused solely on math concepts.  I love the variety here!   A bonus with these is that various languages are offered including Spanish, French and German.

6.  Education.com
* Hundreds of awesome printable worksheets here.  The downside is that you have to create a log-in and you can only print 10 free per month.

7.  School Sparks
*  Everything from math to fine motor skills to letters to auditory processing.  You’ll find hundreds of worksheets on these and more.

8.  Raising our Kids
* This site has just fun things like picture puzzles, color by number, connect the dots, how to draw and more.  I think it’s important to add a few random just-for-fun things into our learning too!


The following two sites don’t have printable worksheets but offer online learning.  I’ve used both of these with our son and he has loved them.

Starfall Learn to Read

9.  Starfall
There’s not an incredible selection of activities here but I really I love how Starfall focuses on phonics- something I think that is so important.

10.  Reading Eggs
You’ll find lots of activities for your child here.  A plus is that they test your child to determine their knowledge and then start the lessons from there.  This one really challenges my son, so I only have him do a little at a time so we don’t wear it out.

You’ll need to create an account and sign up for the free trial to use this.  Once your free trial is over you can find lots of codes to give you continued free access by simply searching the web using something like “reading egg promo codes”.

Where have you found free printable worksheets or online learning resources for your child?  I’d love to know!

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