Household Tip: Get Almost Anything Free at

Use Freecycle to get all sorts of things for absolutely free!  We’ve gotten 2 single beds, nearly new mattresses, a really nice adjustable card table, baby clothes, an exersaucer, light bulbs for our outdoor spotlights, and lots more.  You can also use it to rather painlessly get rid of unwanted items that you have, reducing your clutter in the process.

Why I recommend it:
Well, you can’t beat free!  Besides, I love the idea of things getting a second life instead of getting thrown out and on top of that it is super simple to use.

How to:
Freecycle is active all over the world.  To get started, enter your city and state on Freecycle’s main page, then click “Go”.

Once you join a group you can respond to “Offer” posts, create your own “Offer” posts to get rid of unwanted items, or list a “Wanted” post where you can ask for a specific item.

Misc. Info:
* When an item is listed, the location is also posted.  This makes it easy to decide if it is worth your time and gas to pick it up.

* When posting “Offers” and “Wanted” posts be as specific as possible.  The more details you give, the easier you’ll make it for yourself and everyone else.

Have you ever used Freecycle?

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