Household Tip: Coffee Ice Cubes (a way to use up leftover coffee)

Use leftover coffee to make coffee ice cubes then use them in your homemade iced coffee instead of regular iced cubes.  (The link is to my yummy recipe that tastes like the bottled Starbucks Frappuccinos.)  Or if you hate waiting for hot drinks like coffee or hot chocolate to cool down, you can throw a coffee ice cube in to do the trick.  And if you are strange like me and like your chocolate milk iced cold, add a coffee ice cube and give it a little flavor twist!

Why I recommend it:
It an easy way to save a little bit of money and reduce waste.  Plus it keeps your iced coffee from getting watered down!  In fact I find that I don’t need to make my iced coffee quite as strong when I use the coffee iced cubes because of the extra flavor boost that I get from them.

How much will it save me?:
I’ll be honest, this isn’t going to save you a huge amount and it will obviously vary on how often you make coffee and how often you have coffee left over that you would throw out.  I estimate that we save a couple of dollars a year by making coffee ice cubes.  But really, to me it is not as much about the money saving aspect as it is about not having my iced coffee get watered down.

Miscellaneous Info:
After I make the coffee ice cubes I pop them out of the ice cube trays and put them in another container.  If they are in the freezer for a while sometimes they get a few ice crystals on them but I never worry about that.  Hasn’t affected the flavor as far as I can tell!

Also, you’ll want to scrub the ice cube tray really well after you use it for coffee ice cubes or else you might have regular ice cubes that are slightly coffee flavored.  :)

Do you have any creative uses for leftover coffee?

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