8 Tips for Saving Money on Coupon Printing

I love using coupons to save money, but I don’t love blowing money on the costs associated with printing the coupons.  Here are 8 tips that I use to keep my coupon printing expenses very minimal.

(And by the way, if you think using coupons isn’t worth it, check out my Weekly Spending Summary posts where I show just what all I buy each week.  So far this year I’ve saved over $800 with coupons alone!)

1. Print in black and white
Black ink is much cheaper than colored so it only makes sense to skip using color when you are printing out your coupons.  I’ve always used black ink to print my coupons and have never once had any issued with a store not accepting them.

2. Use your printers ink saving option
A lot of printers have a “Quick Print, “Gray Scale” or “Draft Quality” option.  These settings use much less ink while still allowing your coupons (and other documents) to be very readable.

3. Reuse paper
A simple way to save is to print your coupons on the back side of already used paper.  I love using paper from junk mail for this- just make sure there is no personal information on the other side!

4. Skip the advertisement
When you print some coupons you’ll notice that an ink hogging advertisement will follow the coupon.  If you pay attention you can quickly stop the printing after the coupon prints and save the ink (and paper) that would be used on the advertisement.  (I find this harder to do now that I have a laser printer because it prints so fast, but my inkjet was great for doing this.)

5. Use as much of the paper as possible
Many coupons only take up 1/3 of the page.  When that is the case, I simply turn the paper around and print another coupon at the other end.  Make sure that it isn’t one that prints an advertisement though (as mentioned in #4)  or you’ll have your first coupon covered up with that!

6. Print only the coupons you will use
It’s tempting to go on a coupon printing binge and print any coupon that you have a remote chance of using.  But you need to remember that you are also wasting ink and paper when you do that.  I’d recommend sticking with printing coupons that you know you will use or that you have a 75% chance of using.  The longer you do use coupons, the more you’ll have an idea of what coupons you will use regularly to get a great deal.  However, if you do end up printing a couple of coupons that you don’t use, really, it’s okay.  Don’t be too hard on yourself!

7. Buy refilled or refill your own ink cartridges
I’ve had good experience with both Walgreens and Cartridge World for this.  When I had a ink jet printer I always got the cartridges refilled at Walgreens for just $12.99 plus tax, which was much cheaper than what a new cartridge cost!  Once I got a laser printer I started buying my toners at Cartridge World- much cheaper than other places that I’ve priced.

8. Never pay full price for paper
Seriously.  Staples has sales numerous times a year where you can get a pack of paper for free or for just $1 (after rebate). The rebates are super simple to submit- you can even do them online!  If you really don’t think you can handle the rebate thing, at least watch for a regular sale where you’ll still save at least a bit.

What are your tricks for saving money on printing?

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