5 Razor Cartridges & Free Handle for Just $3 Shipped!

I want to note that the videos on the site have some really nasty, unnecessary language that I don’t appreciate or condone.  In fact, it almost made me not post the deal- but it is such a good bargain that I decided to post it anyway.  But please, be warned.

Wow!  If you are tired of blowing money on expensive razors, this is a hot deal for you- plus it’s delivered right to your door!

DollarShaveClub.com is offering 5 Razor Cartridges and a Free Handle for just $3 shipped!  Or you can choose a razor with more blades for just $6 or $9 shipped.

To get your razors, simply sign up at DollarShaveClub.com, choose your razor and then wait for it to arrive.  Unless you cancel or change your subscription, you’ll get the same amount and kind of razors delivered every month.  Please note, this is an ongoing subscription, however you can cancel at any time.  So if you just want to try them and then cancel, that is okay.

While I’ve never used DollarShaveClub.com before, I’ve heard rave reviews about them.  And for this price, it seems like you about can’t go wrong!  I’m going to at least give them a try.

Update: My hubby has been using these razors for the last month and says he likes them.  He said, “For $3 they are really decent.”

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