Household Tip: Save by Using Rechargeable Batteries

Replace your regular batteries with rechargeable ones.

Why I recommend it:
It’s an easy way to save money with a low initial expense plus it reduces waste too!   We don’t use a lot of things that take batteries but we love our rechargeables for our camera and in our son’s LeapPad.

How much will it save me?:
Clearly this will vary a lot but just for the two things that we use them for I’m guessing we easily save at least $20/year.  It always seems like cameras go through batteries so fast and I love knowing I’m saving money every time I change those batteries.  If you use batteries a lot, then you’ll obviously easily save much more.

Miscellaneous Info:
We have had an Energizer batter charger similar to this one for several years and I just recently got a newer Energizer version that shows you when the batteries are done charging.  Amazon also has this highly rated  Eneloop AA battery charger for just $18.21. Really, my guess is that all of them work pretty similarly so I’d go with whichever one strikes your fancy.

I recommend getting enough batteries that you always have a set of spare ones in the charger that way when your batteries die you can just quickly swap them out with the fresh ones and be good to go.

Do you use rechargeable batteries?  What do you love about them?

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