Monthly Spending Summary (April)


Well, I went over budget again this month.  While I was really frustrated when I crunched the numbers and found that out, it has been a good thing because it has made me reevaluate how I’m spending our grocery money.  In asking myself the question of  why am I going over budget when other years I didn’t have very much problem staying under budget, I began to realize a couple of things.  One is that food prices are definitely rising and our two children are eating more than they ever have.  Also, this year we’ve been eating healthier than ever and that has cost a bit more.  I’ve switched to using only butter and no vegetable shortening, we’ve eaten lots of salads, I’m trying to avoid high fructose corn syrups in several things that we use a lot and the list could go on.

But the real thing that I was forced to realize – and if I’m honest I think it’s made a big difference in my grocery spending too- is that I simply have gotten into the bad habit of not following my cardinal rule of doing without if we need to.  There are some things that I didn’t used to buy that I have begun to consider a necessity.  I’m still processing what to do about this.  My husband and I need to have a discussion about it and decide if we are simply going to spend more for groceries or if we should tighten the purse strings so to speak and try to do without some of those things that we have come to think we need.

I’m not sure what we’ll decide, but I do know that I am determined to be more intentional than ever about what I purchase.  And I also am determined to be more on top of knowing how much I’m spending throughout the month.  Because I used to do so well I’ve gotten lackadaisical about keeping up with my spending as I go and instead wait to find out the month’s “fate” at the end when I do this Monthly Spending Post.   I  want to work on changing this and keep better track of what I’m spending as I go.

And now for the details….

If you want to see exactly what I purchased, check the posts under My Deals for more details.

Monthly Grocery/Household Budget: $200
Total Spent: $259.42
Total Saved with Coupons: $239.22
Total Saved with Sales: $119.35
Total Saved: $358.57

Week 1: $3.64
Week 2: $56.39
Week 3: $30.87
Week 4: $81.61
Week 5: $86.91

Credit: $6.99
This was for a Staples Easy Rebate that I received for buying printer paper.

Ending Monthly Balance: $59.42
This is the amount that I am over budget for the month.

Ending Annual Balance: $11.90
In case you are confused, this is the amount I am over (yes, OVER) budget for the year.  :(

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