Weekly Spending Summary (4/28-5/4)

Some of you have wondered where I get my printable coupons. Here are the main coupon sites that I use: Coupons.com, Coupon Network, Smart Source, Red Plum and Saving Star. Manufacturer websites and Facebook pages are another great source.

Total Spent: $86.91
Total Saved with Coupons: $13.00
Total Saved with Sales: $4.00
Total Saved: $17.00

CVS: $0 (gift card)
Saved with Coupons: $13.00
Saved with Sales: $4.00

The 5th Avenue bar and the toothbrush heads were free.  We love 5th Avenues on top of my Homemade Caramel Pudding so I try to get them whenever I can for a good price.  The sunglasses?  Well, they were a total splurge for our 4 yr. old.  He’s been begging for sunglasses for a long time and since they were only $2 after coupons/sales I decided to get them for him.  His excitement and gratitude for them has been so fun to see.  There definitely is something good about having to wait for something- just makes you appreciate it more.


  • 5th Avenue Bar $0.99
  • Oral B $5.99
  • Kid’s Sunglasses $6.99

Coupons Used:

  • $1.00 Extra Bucks coupon for 5th Avenue Bar
  • $3.00 Oral B coupon from Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
  • $9.00 in Extra Bucks (CVS coupons that print at register for purchasing specific items)

Got Back:

  • $3.00 Extra Bucks coupon for purchasing the Oral B (can be used on next purchase of any item)
  • $5.00 Extra Bucks coupon for purchasing the Kid’s Sunglasses (can be used on next purchase of any item)
  • $5.00 Extra Bucks coupon for purchasing $50 of Beauty items (can be used on next purchase of any item)
    - as part of the ExtraCare Beauty Club- $50 was purchased over a long period of time

Aldi: $24.66

Another week of stocking up at Aldi.  Just a couple of things….I got the pinto beans to make an amazingly good and simply homemade refried beans recipe.  I hope to post the recipe here soon.  Also, ever since we got married I pretty much always bought my spices and seasonings at a local bulk food store because I assumed it was cheaper.  And it is much cheaper than a regular grocery store or Walmart.  But last week I suddenly got to thinking that I should compare prices with Aldi and what do you know, but Aldi was cheaper on pretty much every single spice that I checked!  So I guess I’ll get as many spices as possible there from now on.


  • 5 Spices/Herbs $0.99 each
  • 2 Tortillas $0.99 each
  • Spinach $1.79
  • Parmesan Cheese $2.39
  • 2 Tomato Paste $0.39 each
  • Vanilla $1.99
  • Pinto Beans 2 lbs. $1.79
  • Brown Sugar 2 lb. $1.29
  • Powdered Sugar  2 lb. $1.29
  • Mayo $1.99
  • Red Potatoes 5lb. $2.49
  • Carrots 2 lb. $0.99

Sharp Shoppers: $12.42

Well, this is strange.  I was sure I had taken a picture of this purchase but can’t find it anywhere.

Both vinegars were gallon jugs.  I use the white vinegar for cleaning and go through it fairly fast.  And buying cider vinegar in gallon size was much cheaper than otherwise so even though I don’t use it quite as fast I went ahead and got a jug of it too.  The buttermilk is a new thing for me.  I’m attempting to make my own Ranch dressing and am using it for that.  If it works out well, you’ll probably be seeing the recipe for that too.


  • Vinegar $2.99
  • White Vinegar $1.99
  • 4 Sour Cream 24 oz. $0.99 each
  • Buttermilk $1.99
  • $1.49 item that I can’t remember buying but was charged for :(

Centerville Bulk Foods: $37.83

The picture for this purchase is missing too.  Sorry about that!  I basically stocked up on a bunch of bulk food items like things to make my homemade granola and bread as well as a few other random things.

Misc.: $12

The $12 was grocery cash that we’ll use for milk from a local dairy and also produce from our local farmer’s market.

The Purex and Dial Kids were both received as part of my involvement with Purex Insiders.   (If you are a blogger, they are now accepting applications!)  I’ve enjoyed using the Purex Natural Elements detergent.  The Tropical Splash scent makes me feel like I’m taking a trip to Hawaii every time I do laundry.  Just would be nice if the trip was for real!  I love that Purex Natural Elements is hypoallergenic, dye-free and formulated with sensitive skin in mind.  In my opinion, the less added the better.  And just in case you are interested, Purex Natural Elements was rated #1 in natural detergents.

We really liked the Dial Kids Body+Hair Wash too.  First thing my 4 1/2 yr. old said when we used it was, “Mom, that smells good!”.  I typically get boring, unscented body washes for the kids so he thought this Peachy Clean scent was pretty great.  I love that it is tear free and it seemed to lather up well, although it did seem to take a bit more soap to get the job done than the brand I typically use.  Not enough to make a huge difference but still good to know.

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