Weekly Spending Summary (4/14-4/20)

Some of you have wondered where I get my printable coupons. Here are the main coupon sites that I use: Coupons.com, Coupon Network, Smart Source, Red Plum and Saving Star. Manufacturer websites and Facebook pages are another great source.

Favorite buys this week:

* 4 FREE Venus razors!
* Free chocolate  :)
* Free light bulbs
* Moneymaking Nivea shave gel, Kotex and Soft Scrub

Total Spent: $30.87
Total Saved with Coupons: $57.46
Total Saved with Sales: $35.25
Total Saved: $92.71

CVS: $0 (gift card)
Saved with Coupons: $38.96
Saved with Sales: $6.60

Everything that I bought this week was either less than $0.50, free or a moneymaker.  Love shopping trips like that!

The Purex was $0.29/bottle after coupons, the chocolate was free, the Kotex was a moneymaker of $0.43, the Nivea was a moneymaker of $0.97 and the Venus razors were  a money maker of $10!!

I should mention that the Nivea didn’t actually ring up correctly.  I had a 20% off coupon that should have taken $1.75 off and didn’t.  I plan to take my receipt to the store with me this week and should be able to get a refund.  Also, the Venus razors (my favorite!) were bought with a rain check that I had.  I had been holding onto it until some more Buy One, Get One Free Venus coupons came out.

I also plan to submit the razors as part of this P&G rebate, meaning I’ll actually make some money on them!


  • 2 Purex Detergent $6.29 total (on sale Buy One, Get One Free)
  • Nivea Shave Gel $4.19
  • Nivea Shave Gel $4.59
  • Kotex Liners $1.57
  • Brookside Chocolate $0.67 (bought with rain check)
  • 4 Venus razors $6.99 each

Coupons Used:

  • 20% off regular priced items CVS coupon found in store flyer
  • $6.00 Purex coupon from manufacturer
  • $3.00/2 Nivea printable coupon
  • 2.00 Kotex printable coupon
  • 2 Buy One, Get One Free Venus razors coupons from Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
    (automatically took off the maximum value of the coupon which was $11.99)
  • $4/$20 purchase CVS coupon received via email

Got Back:

  • $0.67 Extra Bucks coupon for purchasing the Brookside (can be used on next purchase of any item)
  • $5.00 Extra Bucks coupon for purchasing the Nivea (can be used on next purchase of any item)
  • $10.00 Extra Bucks coupon for purchasing the Venus (can be used on next purchase of any item)

Rite Aid: $1.48
Saved with Coupons: $6.00
Saved with Sales: $15.00

I didn’t really need the toilet paper but it was too good of a price to stock up.  And since stockpiling is one of the ways that I save a lot of money I decided to go ahead and grab it.  (Regular price this is well over $10 and I paid less than $4 for it!

The Neutrogena was kind of the same story.  If you’ve been reading my Weekly Spending Summaries you know that I’ve bought a boatload of it recently and honestly I hadn’t planned to buy anymore.  But I realized that if I bought two more and used coupons I could actually make $2.50 on them so I figured it was a no-brainer.  I did use a rain check to purchase them since they were out of stock when the sale was running.


  • Scott 20 ct. $4.99
  • 2 Neutrogena Hand Cream $2.49 total
    - I used a rain check to buy this and since I was to get a $5 UPReward for purchasing two of them, they just took it off the price of the lotion

Coupons Used:

  • $1.00 Scott coupon found previously on Scott package
  • $5/2 Neutrogena coupon from Sunday newspaper coupon inserts

Giant: $4.27
Saved with Coupons: $12.50
Saved with Sales: $13.65

I did another gas deal this week.  This time I got the Soft Scrub for $1.50 and got back $4 in gas savings.  (Savings are credited at the end of this post.)  The light bulbs, seasoning mixes and tea were all free.  The ketchup was just the best price I could get.  I needed ketchup and have been watching for weeks for a deal on High Fructose Corn Syrup free ketchup to no avail.  Actually, can I rant a bit?  Giant only carried two brands of ketchup anymore that are HFCS.  The tiny bottle of Heinz you see above and their own organic brand which of course is never that great of a price.  So annoying.  Weis actually has a better selection but I keep forgetting to get it when I’m there.

Oh and the eggs.  I typically buy my eggs from a local farm but I had a Giant e-coupon where I could get these for a couple of cents less than I typically pay and while I prefer the farm fresh eggs, I got these since I was needing them and am not sure how soon I’ll be going by the farm.

One more thing.  If you are observant you might notice that I show below that I bought 2 Lipton’s teas but only 1 is shown in the picture above.  No it is not a typo.  I had a very sweet homeless lady ask me for a ride into the city when I was at the mall the other day.  I stopped at Giant en-route and bought this stuff and blessed her with one of the teas.  She was grateful and her beautiful smile was worth it.


  • 2 Lipton Pure Tea $1.00 each
  • 3 Soft Scrub $2.50 each
  • 3 GE Light Bulbs $1.00 each
  • Heinz Organic Ketchup $2.59
  • 2 Sunbird Seasonings Mix $1.00 each
  • Eggs $1.59

Coupons Used:

  • two $0.95 printable Lipton’s coupon (doubled to $1.00)
  • Two FREE Product Soft Scrub coupons from manufacturer ($2.50 each)
  • $1.00 Soft Scrub printable coupon
  • Three $1.00 GE coupons from Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
  • $0.50 Heinz coupon from manufacturer (doubled to $1.00)
  • Two $0.50 Sunbird printable coupons (doubled to $1.00 each)
  • $0.50 Eggs e-coupon from Giant (was added to my Giant rewards card)

Aldi: $25.62


The usual stuff from Aldi.  Whatever would I do without my favorite grocery store?  :)


  • 3 Flour Tortillas $0.99 each
  • Spinach $1.79
  • Graham Crackers $1.49
  • Vinegar $0.99
  • Canola Oil $2.69
  • 2 Black Beans $0.59 each
  • Red Potatoes 5 lb. $2.49
  • Oranges 4 lb. $2.99
  • Bananas $0.44/lb
  • Corn Chips $0.99
  • Mayonnaise $1.99
  • 2 Pure Vanilla $1.99 each
  • Brown Sugar 2 lb. $1.29

Credits: $5.50

I goofed last week when I said that the greeting cards that I purchased at Dollar Tree were $1.00 each.  They were only $0.50!

$4 was the gas credits earned at Giant as noted above.

Misc.: $5.00

The $5 was for cash to use to buy milk from a local dairy.

I bought 3 heads of this beautiful leaf lettuce from our local farmer’s market.  LOVE their lettuce!  I paid $4.50 if I remember correctly or $1.50/head.

The Bounce and the hand soap was a little gift from my friend Esther who blogs at Coupon Cutting Mom.  She came over one day last week and we hashed all things couponing and blogging.  A fun time!

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