Pinecone Research: Earn Money by Taking Short Online Surveys (now accepting applications)

 It appears that applications are now closed.  I’ll try to let you know when they open them up again!

Please note: If you try to sign up today and the link doesn’t work try again tomorrow.  Pinecone is only accepting 100 applications per day so it’s a first come, first serve basis.


Looking to earn a little extra money?  Pinecone Research is currently accepting new applications- something that doesn’t happen very often.

Pinecone is my favorite survey company.  Unlike many survey companies, you qualify for every survey that they send you.  I get paid $3 for each survey that I take and most of the surveys take me around 10-15 minutes.  Initially it might take a bit longer but once you do several you’ll become familiar with the layout and be able to go faster.  They also pay you after each survey.  With many companies you have to meet a certain dollar threshold (often at least $20) before you get paid, however with Pinecone you get paid the $3 within days.

Obviously you’re not going to get rich doing surveys but it can provide a nice little side income to help pay for Christmas gifts, your Starbucks addiction, or date nights.  :)

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