Tasty Tuesday: Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup (Slow Cooker or Stove Top)

Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup- a delicious, meatless soup

One of the ways we try to save money is by eating at least one meatless meal a week.  We love our meat, so I’m always excited when I can find meatless recipes that are so good and full of flavor that we don’t even think about the absence of the meat.

I discovered this Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup last fall and it has become a regular around here.  I love that it is full of veggies (and you could easily add more) and yet my kids thought it was delicious.  Since we aren’t crazy about chunks of tomatoes I just lightly blended it and we thought it was perfect.

Oh and if you have ham broth leftover from your Easter ham in a couple of weeks, here’s a way that you can use some of it up!  :)

Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup
2 (14 oz) cans diced tomatoes, with juice
1 cup finely diced celery
1 cup finely diced carrots
1 cup finely diced onions
1 tsp dried oregano or 1 T fresh oregano
1 T dried basil or 1/4 cup fresh basil
4 cups chicken broth (or use half ham broth)
½ bay leaf
½ cup flour
1 cup Parmesan cheese
6 Tbsp. butter
2 cups milk, warmed
¾ tsp salt (eliminate or go easy on this if you don’t like things salty or are using ham broth)
¼ tsp black pepper

Add tomatoes, celery, carrots, chicken broth, onions, oregano, basil, and bay leaf to a large slow cooker.*  Cover and cook on LOW for 5-7 hours, until flavors are blended and vegetables are soft.  (If you don’t want a chunky soup, blend it until smooth.)  About 30 minutes before serving prepare a roux by melting butter over low heat and then adding flour. Stir constantly with a whisk for 5-7 minutes. Slowly stir in 1 cup hot soup. Add another 3 cups and stir until smooth. Add all back into the slow cooker. Stir and add the Parmesan cheese, warmed milk, salt and pepper. Cover and cook on LOW for another 30 minutes or so until ready to serve.

* If doing this on the stove top just cook until vegetables are soft.  Then add roux and reheat until hot.

Recipe adapted from Today’s Mama.

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