My Top 10 Most Popular Posts in 2012

I was looking over my posts for the last year and thought you all might enjoy seeing what my top 10 most popular posts were.  There were a couple posts for deals/coupons which were long expired that were also in the top 10- I didn’t include them though because I didn’t think it would be terribly helpful.

So if you are new around here or just simply want to have your memory jogged, check out

1.  4 Things I Do to Keep Our Grocery Budget at $200/Mo. for a Family of Four

2.  5 Things We Do to Keep Our Christmas Gift Spending Under $250 for a Family of Four

3.  Menu Plan: What Our Family of Four Eats on $200/mo.
- my second Menu Plan post was also part of my top 10

4.  10 Inexpensive Ideas for Christmas Gift Wrap

5.  6 Ways to Save Money on Meat

6.  Kellogg’s Family Rewards: New Codes = Lots of High Value Coupons

7.  Tasty Tuesday: Ritz Cracker Candy

8.  7 Ways to Save on Fruits and Vegetables

9.  Tasty Tuesday: Hearty Hamburger Soup

10.  6 Ways to Save on Groceries Without Using Coupons

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