10 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

I’m all about saving but I still love to give gifts. And I enjoy trying to give beautifully wrapped gifts even though gift wrap might seem like a waste of money. To me, giving and receiving beautifully wrapped gifts only adds to the joy of the gift itself. So while we try to keep our Christmas spending low, we also try to get creative and wrap our gift beautifully without blowing our $250 Christmas spending budget.

Here are some ideas I collected for inexpensive Christmas gift wrap. I hope it can inspire you!


1. Use paper bags or Kraft Paper to wrap gifts, then embellish with greenery or lots of other things as you’ll see below. (I’m guessing that the Kraft paper would probably be less expensive at a local craft store, although I haven’t checked it out. Or check Dollar Tree.  I’m told they have a 15 foot roll for $1!)

2. Aren’t these beautiful? And for free, you can even print out your own gift tags just like the ones pictured above!

3. Recycled Bread Tag Snowmen. If only I were craftier, I would make these cute little fellows to go on the bags of cookies I give to neighbors and friends.

4. Love the simplicity of these stamped brown paper packages.  If you have beautiful hand writing, you could just write the names on.


5. Totally into this look!  And what a great “free” gift wrap! Use comics for fun “kid” wrapping paper.  Or use old book pages or old sheet music for a similar look.


6. Use old clothing to embellish gifts: creative, frugal and green!


7. Isn’t this fun? I’m thinking Christmas colors would create a festive look.


8. Again, simple but oh so sweet!  (Pun intended.)  :)

9. Don’t you love this idea of a gift wrapping ornament made from none other than a toilet paper/paper towel roll?


10. Use Black Kraft Paper to get a chalkboard look. I really like this for different! (I realize the paper is kind of pricey but it is a huge roll. And again, you very likely could find it at local stores for much less).

How do you get creative and save money on gift wrapping? I’d love to learn from you!

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  1. by coinman

    On December 6, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    Great ideas!

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