My Coke Rewards: Earn Gift Cards, Coupons, Magazine Subscriptions and More (includes Powerade and Minute Maid products)

If you drink Coke products (includes Powerade and Minute Maid) you really should consider signing up for My Coke Rewards. Here’s why.

Coke products have reward codes on them. When you enter these rewards at My Coke Rewards you accumulate points which you can then redeem for rewards like gift cards, coupons, magazines and more.

Right now My Coke Rewards is running a 12 Days of Holiday Rewards offer. Each day, you can use your rewards to snag a great deal on gift cards for places like Dominoes, Best Buy, Home Depot and Shutterfly or for Coke coupons. There are only a limited amount of gift cards or coupons available, so if you are interested, enter your Coke Reward codes and get your rewards now!

If you have trouble finding the 12 Days of Holiday Rewards offer, click the “Offers and Promotions” tab and then click “See all promotions.” You should then be able to scroll down and find it.

I think they do this promotion every year, so if you don’t have enough reward points (like me), you could sign up now, enter your codes throughout the year and then hope that they run this promotion next year.  :)

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