Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Get Kellogg’s Coupons and More (+ get Poptarts, Cheez-its and Cereal for $0.50 or less!)


Have you signed up yet for the Kellogg’s Family Rewards? By inputting codes from Kellogg’s packages you’ll earn points that you can then use towards high value coupons, toys, magazines and more. There are also frequently free points available too. Here are a few- I think they are all still valid. If you find one that is expired I’d love if you let me know!

* redbookKFR50pnts – 50 points
* GOODHOUSEMAG50PT – 50 points
* foodnetmag50pnts – 50 points
* HALLOWEENPARTY25 – 25 points
* JOINKELLOGG2SAVE – 50 points
* HOWITWORKS20PNTS – 20 points
* MYFAVCHARACTER50 – 50 points
* KFRFAVPOPTARTS10 – 10 points
* MARIECLAIRE50PTS – 50 points
* TAKECAREOFYOU20P – 20 points

After you’ve signed up and entered your points you can do these deals with coupons you redeem with your points:

WALGREENS (good through 12/1)
**Pop-Tarts $1.67 with in-ad coupon
$1.50/1 Pop-Tarts coupon (redeem for 100 points)
Pay: $0.17!!

Thanks Deal Detecting Diva!

CVS (good through 12/1)
**Cheez-it Crackers $2.00
Use $1.50 Cheez-It coupon (redeem for 100 points)
Pay: $0.50!

**Kellogg’s Cereal $1.99
Use $1.50 Kellogg’s Cereal coupon (redeem for 100 points)
Pay: $0.49!

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  1. by Monica

    On November 30, 2012 at 9:58 am

    This one is expired: LVNGSOCIAL25PNTS – 25 points

    The rest worked for me. Thanks for this offer! I wasn’t aware of this program but after signing up and getting started with these codes, I have 530 points. Now I’m going to hunt around for Kellog’s items in my house. :) It looks like they are going to be adding more brands too, so there will be more chances for codes.

    Glad you are back and your computer issues are worked out. I don’t know what’s worse, pc problems or car trouble!

  2. by Lydia Beiler

    On December 1, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    Monica, thanks for letting me know. I deleted that one.

    I just recently learned of the program too. Hope your hunt was successful. My boxes were all older and from before they started the program.

    Ha, both are awful. And actually we had car trouble on our trip too. We had to get a rental car and leave our car at a garage to get fixed. Not fun but at least we were able to still be with our family!