Weekly Spending Summary (11/4-11/10)

Favorite Deals this week:

- 3 free greeting cards
- $0.99 Purex detergent
- $0.99 Huggies Wipes
- $0.99 Cream Cheese
- $1.00 Oven Ready Lasagna

Total Spent: $62.89
Total Saved with Coupons: $19.45
Total Saved with Sales: $12.90
Total Saved: $32.35

CVS: $0 (gift card)
Saved with Coupons: $12.95
Saved with Sales: $7.00

We love Blue Diamond almonds. Usually we eat them on salads but sometimes we enjoy them as a snack too. And you can’t beat free greeting cards. I guess I have no excuse not to be giving cards this year what with all the free card deals that there have been!


  • 2 Blue Diamond Almonds $4.99 each
  • 3 Hallmark Cards $0.99 each

Coupons Used:

  • $1.00 Blue Diamond coupon from manufacturer
    - got this from calling and complimenting them on their product
  • $11.95 in Extra Bucks (CVS coupons that print at register)

Got Back:

  • $3 Extra Bucks coupon for purchasing the Hallmark cards (can use on next purchase of any item)

Giant: $13.65
Saved with Coupons: $6.50
Saved with Sales: $5.90

I didn’t really need laundry detergent right now but for $0.99 I figured I’d get it and put it on my stockpile shelf in the basement. Texas Toast are our favorite croutons but it’s been a while since I bought them because they haven’t been on sale. This is one item I’m kind of a brand snob on. I tried the Aldi brand croutons but we just didn’t like them at all. And when these are on sale they are only $0.25 more expensive so I figure it’s worth that to us. My hubby is a big hot tea drinker so whenever I can get tea at a decent price I try to stock up. The ice cream wasn’t the best price ever—I used to be able to get it for $1.00/box after coupons and sales—but I haven’t seen it for less than this in months. And since we were planning to take a meal to our senior pastor and I wanted ice cream I decided to just go ahead and get it. The sugar was just a great price, cheaper than Aldi usually sells it. And the yogurt?  Well, it was free after coupons/sales.


  • Purex Detergent $2.99
  • Huggies Wipes $2.00
  • 2 Domino Sugar $2.50
  • Texas Toast Croutons $1.25
  • Turkey Hill Ice Cream $2.50
  • Yoplait Simplait Yogurt $0.50
  • Bigelow Tea $2.54


  • $1.00 Purex coupon found in store ad
  • $0.50 Purex coupon—can’t remember where it was from (doubled to $1.00)
  • $0.75 Domino coupon from magazine (doubled to $1.00)
  • $0.50 Turkey Hill coupon from manufacturer (doubled to $1.00)
  • $0.30 Yoplait printable coupon (doubled to $0.50)
  • $0.50 Celestial Seasoning Tea coupon found in booklet in store (doubled to $1.00)

Aldi: $27.10

Just stocked up on the usual things at Aldi. I was especially happy to get cream cheese for $0.99 and butter for $1.99.


  • 3 Black Beans $0.59 each
  • 5 Butter Quarters $1.99 each
  • 2 Corn Chips $0.99 each
  • Onions, 3 lb. 0.99
  • 6 Cream Cheese $0.99 each
  • Mayo $1.99
  • Pure Vanilla $1.99

Dollar Tree: $3.65

I don’t very often go to Dollar Tree but I didn’t have the children with me and since I needed to get some candle lighters and they have really good candle lighters for just $1, I decided to stop. You definitely can’t beat that price! While I was there I picked up a birthday card and also lasagna. I had no idea that they carried Oven Ready Lasagna for $1. That is the kind that I prefer using (saves cooking it!) but it always costs a bit more. Walmart doesn’t always carry it and when they do it is priced around $1.78. I prefer whole grain pasta but it is hard to find whole grain lasagna noodles.

By the way, did you know you can now use coupons at Dollar Tree?


  • 2 Lighters $1.00 each
  • Oven Ready Lasagna $1.00
  • Greeting Card $0.50

Misc.: $20.00

Cash back for grocery money…some of which I used to buy fresh ground whole wheat flour from my mother-in-law.

Credit: $1.51

For some soup that I returned that didn’t ring up on sale as I had thought it would.

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  1. by Joni

    On November 20, 2012 at 11:29 am

    HI Lydia,
    I just started following you. I haven’t done any canning yet but I plan on trying next summer. I made my first batch of homemade jam from frozen berries with no added pectin and it came out great. I recently started couponing and I found a website I love that lists the stores in your area and the deals that can be had using your coupons from smart source, redplum etc. Its grocerysmarts.com- any new couponers trying to keep their budget down will get off to a nice start with this. :) Hope it helps someone. It has helped me a lot.

  2. by Joni

    On November 20, 2012 at 11:33 am

    I also meant to mention that I am an avid tea drinker myself and I buy it in the bulk section for around $1 an ounce which makes me around 15-18 teabags. I buy the teabags themselves from teavana for $5 for 100 teabags which I then fill with a tsp each. If you use a tea strainer, reusable- then you don’t need to purchase the tea bags. You can also add spices like cinnamon, etc to the tea leaves for added flavor depending on what tea and how you like it..

  3. by Lydia Beiler

    On November 27, 2012 at 6:05 am

    Joni- Thanks for stopping by! I would definitely recommend canning- it’s really quite easy (although at times a bit time consuming) once you know what you are doing. Kudos on the homemade jam!

    Thanks for sharing that website. I use a couple of websites like that and it definitely helps save me lots of time! And I love your tea idea. My hubby is a tea lover but I never thought of buying in bulk like that. Going to have to check into it.