*HOT* Cardstore.com: 70% Off Holiday Cards = Personalized Photo Cards as low as $0.33 (plus includes stamp!)

70% off Holiday Cards & Invites at Cardstore

Wowzers!  This is the best deal on photo cards that I think I’ve seen.  In fact, I was so excited when I saw it that I got clear giddy!  Yes, I’m weird like that.

Until 11/7/12, you can get 70% off all holiday cards at Cardstore.com when you use coupon code CCN2070 at checkout.  This includes regular greeting cards for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Hanukkuh.  It also includes all photo cards and invitations. The greeting cards are a good deal if you want nice, personalized greeting cards but the photo cards are an incredibly awesome deal.

Individual photo cards are priced as low as $1.09 each which makes them just $0.33 each with the 70% off plus they include a free postage stamp!  And you can get quantity discounts on top of that if you order 10 or more. I just ordered 120 photo cards and paid only $64.44 for them, a good deal by itself.  But what made this such an awesome deal is that I would have paid $54 for stamps alone to mail these cards.  So really, I only paid $10.44 for 120 photo cards or just $0.08/card!

I’ve used Cardstore.com in the past and have been very pleased with them.  The cards are printed on quality card stock and the print quality was also great.

Also, I verified that the free stamps are included.  Here is a screenshot of my chat with a Cardstore.com rep:

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