Weekly Spending Summary (10/1-10/7)

Okay, I thought I wasn’t going to spend that much this week but then I needed to get out cash for produce and the like so there went $20.   I tried to buy enough stuff at Aldi that I won’t have to go there for another couple of weeks, but we’ll see how well I figured.  At any rate, I really am determined to try to stay well under budget this month!  (Which is why I picked up some orange juice for $0.99 today and then put it back…decided we don’t really need it…but wow, it sure would taste good right now.  Guess I’ll have to go eat one of the Lindt truffles that I got free instead!)  :)

Total Spent: $45.11
Total Saved with Coupons: $16.99
Total Saved with Sales: $13.95
Total Saved: $30.94

Rite Aid: $0 (gift card)
Saved with Coupons: $16.99
Saved with Sales: $9.96

A couple weeks ago I purchased a Rite Aid gift card online at a 6% discount.  I used that gift card to pay for this purchase which was $0.99.

I was really excited to get more body wash for my husband for free.  I still had a couple of bottles in my stockpile but it seems like he goes through the stuff so fast!

The salmon was a deal I spotted when I was in the store.  You got a $5 UPReward when you purchased 4 of them so after the UPReward I only paid $1.25/can!  That is an incredible price for canned salmon.  Just for sake of reference, at Aldi I usually pay around $2.29/can.  We love canned salmon in salmon soup (think oyster soup with salmon) and in salmon patties.  I also have a couple of other recipes I’ve been wanting to try using it in.  And any way you look at it, it’s an inexpensive way to get some fish in your diet!


  • 2 Dial body wash $3.99 each
  • 4 Salmon $2.50 each

Coupons Used:

  • Two $2 Dial printable coupons
  • $12.99 in UPReward coupons (Rite Aid coupons that print at register for purchasing specific items)

Got Back:

  • Two $2 in UPRewards for purchasing the Dial (can use on next purchase of any item)
  • $5 in UPRewards for purchasing the Salmon (can use on next purchase of any item)

Giant: $5.36
Saved with Sales: $3.99

I was so annoyed…I forgot to get Fels-naptha soap when I was at our local bulk food store and I was totally out so I headed to Giant and bought it there.  Fels-naptha is one of my favorite money saving laundry tools.  It is amazing at taking out grass stains and stains in general.  I just rub a bit of it on the stain, scrub it under water for a bit and tada…my stain is gone.  Love that stuff and one bar lasts forever!

I’m planning on hosting about 12 people this Sunday lunch and I actually thought to plan ahead and get potatoes for then.  I have a turkey in the freezer that I’m going to cook up and then I plan to make either mashed potatoes or potato filling to go along with it.


  • 2 Russet Potatoes (5 lb each) $3.99 total (on sale for Buy One, Get One Free)
  • Fels-naptha soap $1.29

Aldi: $19.75

Got so much stuff at Aldi this week I had to take two pictures!  The baby is eating a lot these days and loves bananas so I’ve been buying lots of them.  Most of the veggies that you see were bought for a supper that we helped make for 40 people.  I took a veggie tray and dip as well as 2 pans of brownies.


  • Coconut Flakes $1.49
  • Lasagna Noodles $1.29
  • Saltines $0.89
  • Celery $0.89
  • Cucumber $0.59
  • 2 Carrots $1.19 each
  • Spinach $1.69
  • 2 Corn Chips $0.99 each
  • Tortillas $0.99
  • Bananas $0.92
  • Napkins $1.49
  • 2 Black Beans $0.59 each
  • Canola Oil $2.69
  • Sweet Potatoes $1.19

Misc: $20

I got out some cash to use to buy produce at the local farmer’s market.  I love buying my lettuce and mushrooms there.  I typically can get organic leaf lettuce for around $1.50/head and mushrooms for $1.50/lb.!  That is where the lettuce and mushrooms pictured above came from.

The batteries were free thanks to an Amazon gift card that I earned through Swagbucks.  The rest of the items I used my grocery cash to pay for.  The pumpkin I bought at a local produce stand for $1.50.  I cooked it up and got the equivalent of 3 cans of pumpkin from it.  The tall white container has 5lbs. of sour cream that I bought for $5.75 at a bulk food store.  Yes, I know that is a lot of sour cream but we use more in the winter because a lot of soups that I make take it.  Plus I was taking veggies and dip to an event that we were helping with and knew I would use about half of it for the dip.  The Tupperware container and the bag on top of it have fresh ground flour in them.  My in-laws have a wheat grinder and are nice enough to let me buy wheat from them and then grind my flour there.  I love using it to make 100% whole wheat bread….and a few other things that I get in the mood to add some whole wheat flour too.

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