Weekly Spending Summary (9/2-9/8)

My freebies of the week: Chex Mix, Venus disposable razor, ZZZquil, Sunsweet prune juice, Sani-Hands wipes, 2 Carefree pads, Colgate toothpaste, 2 Ban deodorant, Infusium shampoo, Taster’s Choice coffee and Kunzler hot dogs.

Favorite buys:  Free Venus razor- I LOVE them!; Organic bananas for $0.44/lb!; Frozen Bird’s Eye veggies for $0.60/bag.

Total Spent: $127.49
Total Saved with Coupons: $46.10
Total Saved with Sales: $50.44
Total Saved: $96.54

CVS: $5.66
Saved with Coupons: $20.80
Saved with Sales: $18.47

Got some great deals…tuna for $0.27/can, free Chex Mix and made money on my favorite razor!


  • French’s Mustard $1.00
  • Filippo Berio Olive Oil (16 oz.) $3.99
  • 6 Bumble Bee Tuna $0.77 each
  • Blue Diamond Almonds $4.39 total (on sale Buy One, Get One Free)
  • Chex Mix $1.00
  • Gillette Venus Razor $6.99
  • ZZZQuil $4.99

Coupons Used:

  • $0.30 French’s printable coupon from manufacturer website
  • $1.00 Filippo Berio printable coupon
  • Three $1/2 Bumble Bee printable coupons from Recyclebank
  • $1/2 Blue Diamond coupon from manufacturer
  • $8 in Extra Bucks (CVS coupons that print at register)
  • $0.50 Chex Mix printable coupon
  • $4.00 Gillette coupon from Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
  • $3.00 ZZZQuil coupon from Vocalpoint

Got Back:

  • $0.50 Saving Star credit for purchasing the Chex
  • $5.00 in Extra Bucks coupons for purchasing the Gillette (can use on next purchase of any item)
  • $2.00 in Extra Bucks coupons for purchasing the ZZZQuil (can use on next purchase of any item)

Rite Aid: $3.40
Saved with Coupons: $22.30
Saved with Sales: $16.09

A fun week at Rite Aid too.  Got free toothpaste, free prune juice (yay for helping the baby feel better!) free Infusium shampoo, cheap prunes and made money on the Ban deodorant and Carefree pads!


  • 2 Sunsweet Dried Prunes (18 0z.) $2.99 each
  • Sunsweet Prune Juice (64 oz.) $2.99 each
  • 2 Ban Deodorants $3.99 total (on sale Buy One Get One Free)
  • Total Toothpaste $2.99
  • Sani Hand Wipes $2.99
  • Infusium Shampoo $4.99
  • 2 Carefree Pads $2.38 total  (on sale Buy One Get One 50% Off)

Coupons Used:

  • $0.75 Sunsweet printable coupon from manufacturer website
  • $0.55 Sunsweet printable coupon from manufacturer website
  • $2.00 Total in-ad coupon
  • $1.00 Total coupon from the Sunday newspaper coupon insert
  • $2.00 Infusium coupon from Rite Aid Video Values
  • Two $0.50 Carefree printable coupons
  • $14.00 in UPReward coupons (Rite Aid coupons that print at register for purchasing specific items)

Got Back:

  • $2.99 Rite Aid Single Check Rebate for Sani-hands purchase
  • Two $2.00 UPRewards for purchasing the Sunsweet products (can use on next purchase of any item)
  • $16.00 in UPRewards for purchasing the Ban (can use on next purchase of any item)

Giant: $17.96
Saved with Coupons: $3.00
Saved with Sales: $11.81

As you can see I kind of stocked up on frozen veggies.  :)   Yes, I freeze lots of vegetables but I have a hard time finding a good deal on peas and broccoli to freeze so I usually just buy those at the grocery store.  I got these for $0.60/bag which I thought was a great price and they will last us for a quite a while.  The sugar was for the applesauce that we did this week, the coffee was free and I love using it for my iced coffee addiction.  The Jingos were $1 and the sour cream was just because I needed it.


  • Pepperidge Farms Jingo Crackers $2.00
  • Taster’s Choice Coffee Sticks $1.00
  • 3 Domino Sugar (4 lb.) $2.69 each
  • 3 Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Broccoli $0.70 each- price for when you bought 10
  • 7 Bird’s Eye Peas $ 0.70 each- price for when you bought 10
  • Breakstones Sour Cream (24 oz.) $2.89

Coupons Used:

  • $1.00 Pepperidge Farm coupon from Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
  • $1/3 Birdseye coupon from All You magazine
  • $1.00 Tasters Choice coupon from previous Tasters Choice box

Darrenkamps: $10.65
Saved with Sales: $4.07

I’ve been watching for a good deal on chicken and decided to jump on this one.  I’m hoping it will last me until a local bulk food store here does their fall meat sale.  I bought the sweet potatoes to make one of our new favorite dishes.


  • Perdue Chicken Thighs @ $0.99/lb
  • Yams @1.29/lb

Kauffman’s Fruit Farm: $41.21

A few of the freezer boxes I bought.

I bought a bunch of freezer boxes- 33 to be exact.  I prefer to use these instead of freezer bags for most things.  They’re reusable and so obviously they are less expensive in the long run.

Centerville Bulk Food: $40.84

Just the usual things I buy at the bulk food store like raw sugar, bread flour, yeast, spices, onions, apples and cheese in bulk.  I also got jar lids to use for the few things I need to can yet and my favorite purchase of all?  Organic bananas for $0.44/lb!!  I could hardly believe my eyes!  And they are really yummy too.

Misc.: $7.77

This was for the things you see in the second picture.  I stopped at a local hardware store to get something and saw butter for $1.85/lb and bacon for $1.99/lb. so I got some.  The lettuce and lima beans were bought at the local farmer’s market and I used cash from my grocery fund to pay for them.  Those limas were sure good but whew, they were my splurge of the week.  I think I paid about $4.50 for them.  The hot dogs?  I got them free with a Facebook offer from Turkey Hill, a local gas station.

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  1. by jillian

    On September 16, 2012 at 10:28 am

    I appreciate you linking the printable coupons to your blog posts. I am a first time reader and recycle bank member but haven’t been on recycle bank in a while. I was able to print a few of the tuna coupons. I shop at the local military commissary and after the coupons I am now able to stock us up on some tuna for 25 cents a can! To me that is a great deal! I will continue to read your blog because with baby #3 on the way I need to save as much money as possible!

  2. by Lydia Beiler

    On September 17, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Jillian, thanks for the feedback- I really appreciate it because it helps me know what to keep doing! And yes, $0.25/can is a great price! Glad you could stock up. And congratulations on baby #3- hope all goes well!