Weekly Spending Summary (7/15-7/21)

Whew!  Let’s just say that I’m glad I don’t do this much shopping every week!  Read on for more details!

Total Spent: $42.71
Total Saved with Coupons: $40.05
Total Saved with Sales: $29.49
Total Saved: $69.54

CVS: $0 (gift card and $0.25 spare change)
Saved with Coupons: $15.25
Saved with Sales: $11.58

I have a CVS gift card that I received when I returned some items that I used to pay for this purchase.

Yay for free toothpaste and “good for you” candy bars.  And yay too for cheap Pledge.  I love this Pledge multi-surface and had a rain check that I used to get it for just $1 each.


  • 4 Colgate Toothpaste $2.50 each
  • UnReal Peanut Butter Cups $0.75
  • 2 Pledge $3.00 each (purchased with rain check)
  • (also purchased pack of 4 plastic balls for my son for $1.59- didn’t show them because they aren’t a grocery item!)

Coupons Used:

  • Four $1 Colgate coupons found in Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
  • $11.25 in Extra Bucks (CVS coupons that print at register)

Got Back:

  • Two $3 Extra Bucks coupons for purchasing the Colgate (can use on next purchase of any item)
  • $0.75 in Extra Bucks for purchasing the UnReal Candy (can use on next purchase of any item)
  • $4 in Extra Bucks for purchasing the Pledge (can use on next purchase of any item)

Rite Aid: $0 (gift card)
Saved with Coupons: $12.00
Saved with Sales: $6.48

I used a gift card that I had purchased at a discounted price online to pay for this purchase.  I was really excited to get diapers for $3.50/pack after coupons and sales!


  • Bayer Aspirin $2.99
  • 2 Huggies Diapers $10.00

Coupons Used:

  • $3 Bayer coupon found in Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
  • Two $1.50 Huggies coupons from Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
  • $6 in UPReward coupons (Rite Aid coupons that print at register for purchasing specific items)

Got Back:

  • $10 in UPRewards for purchasing the Huggies (can use on next purchase of any item)

Giant: $10.86
Saved with Coupons: $7.05
Saved with Sales: $11.43

Excited to get Green’s ice cream for $0.92 each.  We’ll be needing it for our son’s birthday party this week.  The food coloring is also for that.  Although if you read on about my Walmart purchases you’ll see that I’m going to be returning it.

I actually make a lot of my own dressings and we prefer them.  But I do like to have some bought dressing for when we have guests since a lot of people really don’t like homemade dressings that well.

And the Softsoap coupon came with a pack of coupons from Colgate Palmolive.  I was having trouble printing one of the coupons on their website one day and called or emailed them to complain.  They offered to send me that coupon along with a bunch of other ones since they were having issues with their system.  While it didn’t help me get the coupon I needed for that week I have been able to use many of the coupons they sent me to get some great deals!


  • 2 Kraft Dressings $2.00 each
  • Planters Peanut Butter $2.50
  • McCormick Food Coloring $4.39
  • 3 Green’s Ice Cream $2.00 each
  • Softsoap $1.00

Coupons Used:

  • Two $1.oo Kraft printable coupons
  • $1.00 Planters coupon from Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
  • Two $1.00 Green’s coupons from Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
  • $1.25 Green’s catalina coupon (printed at the coupon machine at the register on a previous visit)
  • $0.40 Softsoap coupon received via manufacturer (doubled to $0.80)

Aldi: 13.16

I originally hadn’t planned to go to Aldi this week but when I was there the last time I got some spinach and I ended up not being able to use most of it because it got all slimy and gross on me way before the “use by” date.  So since Aldi has a money back guarantee on their products and since I only had the baby with me I decided to stop by and get my money back.  And obviously I got some other things while I was there too since they were items that I was going to be needing soon anyway. And actually Aldi just gave me another bag of spinach free since I was going to be purchasing it anyway.   I love Aldi!  Great store, great prices and great quality!  And no, I don’t get paid to say that!  :)

Oh, I about forgot to mention, I also got $5 cash back to use to buy fresh produce at our local farmer’s market and local produce stands.


  • Bananas @ $0.44/lb  $2.19
  • Canola Oil $2.69
  • Sugar 4 lb.  $2.29
  • Flour Tortillas $0.99
  • Spinach FREE (see above note)

Walmart: $6.46
Saved with Coupons: $5.00

I had to head to Walmart to return a couple of shirts I bought for my son that I ended up not needing and also to get some motor oil for my husband, so I grabbed these items while I was there.  I was excited to get organic carrots for just $0.37/lb. again!  And the Beech-nut Fruities are not something I would normally purchase but when I can get them free I’ll go ahead and buy them.  I use the masking tape to stay organized and keep our food waste down by labeling food in our fridge, which is why I’m classing it as a grocery/household item.  And the food coloring?  Well, I rarely use food coloring but I’m going to try to make my son a football cake for his birthday and so I needed some for that.  I had bought some at Giant but paid over $2 more for it so I’ll be returning that and keeping this!

Oh and just in case  you notice that I used 4 Earthbound farm coupons and only purchased 3 items I really wasn’t trying to cheat.  I thought I had purchased 4 bags of carrots and so gave the cashier 4 coupons.  Apparently she couldn’t get the one coupon to scan and so she just entered it manually.  I noticed after the transaction and mentioned it to her but she said it wasn’t worth messing with so what was I to do?


  • 3 Earthbound Farm Organic Carrots (1 lb. bags) $1.12 each
  • 2 Beech-nut Fruities $0.98 each
  • Spoons $1.48
  • Masking Tape $1.98
  • Food Coloring $1.98

Coupons Used:

  • Four $0.75 Earthbound Farm printable coupons
  • Two $1.00 Beech-nut printable coupons

Target: $0.74
Saved with Coupons: $0.75

I actually purchased this last week but forgot to include it.  I went to Target to get a wedding gift and a few other things and decided to get this alcohol while I was there.


  • UP Isopropyl alcohol

Coupons Used:

  • $0.75 UP Item coupon from the Target website

Misc.: $11.49
My sweet husband stopped by a local Amish store and got a 5lb. bag of shredded cheese for me one evening.  I had planned to make chicken alfredo pizza and thought I had mozzarella cheese only to discover I didn’t!  We had company and my babe saved the day!

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  1. by Susan

    On July 23, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    That football cake sounds interesting! I would like to hear/see how it turns out:)

  2. by Lydia Beiler

    On July 23, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    Susan, we’ll see how it goes. :) Last year I made a baseball cake and it went pretty good so it gave me more confidence. I thought maybe I’d post pictures so stay tuned.

  3. by Sharon

    On July 24, 2012 at 7:44 am

    I just came upon your blog. I have not been reading your posts about Walmart and would like to know why you will be returning the food coloring you bought. Could you please explain?

  4. by Lydia Beiler

    On July 24, 2012 at 9:18 am

    Sharon, sure I’ll be glad to explain. I obviously didn’t make it clear, but I was actually referring to my entry for my Walmart purchase in this post. If you look under my Walmart purchase you’ll see that I got food coloring there too but it was $2 cheaper! So since I regularly go to Giant I’ll just return the more expensive food coloring there the next time I go in. Does that make sense?