Monthly Spending Summary (June)

I kept telling you in previous months that I would be using up my extra grocery money fast once I started canning and freezing and this month you see that happening!  It is okay though because I have found that buying fruit and veggies when they are in season and canning or freezing them for later is much cheaper (and often healthier too!) than buying them throughout the year.  Thankfully I was still under budget in the end.  That is a good thing because I’m going to be needing it as I’ll be doing more canning and freezing soon.

Monthly Grocery/Household Budget: $200
Total Spent: $154.05
Total Saved with Coupons/Sales: $216.84

Week 1: $5.98
Week 2: $57.56
Week 3: $25.00
Week 4: $45.51
Week 5: $0

Misc.: $330.66

* Milk ($20)
- We get milk from a local farm for $2.50/gal.  My husband just stops by on his way home from work and pays with cash.

* 70 qts. strawberries($175)
- I gave 5 qts. to my mom, ate some fresh, made 1 recipe of freezer jam and crushed and froze the rest.  We use the frozen ones in Easy Fruit Smoothies and also on top of cereal and things like cake.

* 40 lbs. blueberries ($69.90)
- I froze 25 1/2 qts. and saved the rest to eat fresh and use in recipes.  I use the frozen ones to make Easy Fruit Smoothies, muffins or other blueberry things, and also we love enjoying them as a refreshing dessert mixed with frozen peaches and strawberries.

* Green Beans ($20)
- A friend called me up and wondered if I wanted her green beans.  Her boys had picked them but she didn’t have time to do them.  I thought maybe I was crazy saying yes with my sick baby and all but did it any way.  And yes, I think I was a bit crazy, but it is nice to have them done and in the freezer!  I froze 26 1/2 qts. and we ate probably another 5 qts. fresh.  We LOVE fresh green beans and when we have them I make them be a main part of our meal.

* 1 yr. Sunday Newspaper Subscription ($43.76)
- I was able to get a very reduced rate for a one year subscription.  It might seem strange to take this out of our grocery budget but truth be told, the only reason we get the Sunday paper is because of the coupons which I use for my groceries.  So it only seemed fair to record it as a grocery expense.

Credits: $7.99
Several months ago I took a gamble and bought Giant brand diapers because they were really cheap.  I was a bit hesitant about trying them but figured I should at least give them a shot.  Plus they had a money back guarantee, so I figured I didn’t have anything to lose.  Well, halfway through the package I ended up calling the company and complaining because almost every time we used them they leaked.  They sent us a $5 check (which covered what I paid for them), which is part of the credit shown here.  The other $2.99 was a Rite Aid Single Check Rebate.

Ending Monthly Balance: $256.72
This is the amount that I am over budget for the month.

Ending Annual Balance: $55.74
In case you are confused, this is the amount I have left over for the year. So actually, I am under budget by $55.74 for the year. I had been under budget in previous months which helped me out now even though I spent a bunch on produce to freeze.


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  1. by sarah

    On July 3, 2012 at 9:42 am

    I am curious where you got your blueberries. Yoders has 20 lb. boxes for $38.95.

  2. by Lydia Beiler

    On July 3, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Sarah, my mother-in-law got them foe me at Dutchway I think but I know she said Shady Maple had almost the same price. Hope you can find some!