Baby Einstein Prize Package Winner

Yay!  We finally have our winner for the Baby Einstein Prize Package giveaway.  Congratulations to Kelli (email boydston18)!

Thanks to all of you that entered.  I loved reading all your frugal ideas!  You all are great!  Here are a few of the ways you said you save.

Kimberly said:

I save by shopping end of season clearance sales. My daughter is now 7 months old so I purchase discounted spring clothes in size 18 months, for her to wear next year.

From Lindsay:

I save by buying bulk items like diapers online. Also, we’ve been trying really hard to be more creative with dinner in order to use the food in our house up before going on another big grocery shop.

Jennie said:

I save money by making my own baby food (fruits, veggies) for my 7 month old, cutting coupons, & ironing clothes instead of sending to cleaners.

Kristen commented:

When my son was born, I received way too many outfits that were 0-3 months. A lot of items were from Kohl’s so I returned them, and used the store credit to buy bigger sizes. I waited until days when I would get an additional 20% off, and also $10 Kohl’s cash for every $50 I spent.


Kellie wrote:

We shop at the local children’s resale store. Not only are we able find great deals on everything from clothes to toys to books, we are also supporting a hometown small business. We’ve developed a great customer relationship with the owner and she often times will call us if she has received an item she thinks we might like/need. Feels good to shop local and save some money in the process!

From Kristy:

We make meals from scratch instead of buying ready-to-eat versions and I keep a library of recipes to use leftovers.

Eileen commented:

We buy online with a cash back service, we swap kids clothes from family and friends, buy the weeks specials from our local grocery store and plan that weeks meals AROUND those purchases. We also diy a lot with our projects around the house, painting, some tile work, roofing project, etc. With so many kids it has just become a way of life and we just never question it. I am amazed at how many people waste thousands each year by not even TRYING to save money! My mama raised 9 kids and taught us well!!!

Fayelle wrote:

we save money by doing toy and clothing swaps with friends! We also get creative with household items to make new toys and activities. Also, our backyard is a wealth of entertainment for free with all the bugs and leaves and stuff!

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