Tips for Seeing More of My Posts on Facebook

Some of you may have noticed my comment on Facebook yesterday about how only a small percentage of my Facebook followers are actually seeing my posts.  Facebook recently made some changes which has affected how many people actually see my posts (and other blogs that you might follow) in their feeds.  According to the statistics that Facebook shows me, less than 25% of my followers actually see most of my posts in their feed.  Since I’m assuming you follow me on Facebook because you really want to get blog updates, I thought I’d give you a couple of tips on what you can do to hopefully see more of my posts on Facebook.

1.  “Like”/comment on the posts you do see that interest you.  The way Facebook is set up now, the more you interact, the more you will see of that company’s/blog’s posts.   So by liking or commenting on a post you are essentially letting Facebook know that you want to keep seeing The Thrifty Frugal Mom’s posts in your feed.

2.  Choose the “Show in News Feed” option.  This is supposed to notify Facebook that you really, truly do want to see theses posts.


Of course there are other options too, and really, they might be the easiest way to keep up with my posts:

* Visit The Thrifty Frugal Mom directly

* Follow on Twitter

* Follow using an RSS feed
(I prefer Bloglines- it is super simple to use and I can keep track of all the blogs that I follow in the same place)

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