$9.99 for 4 Boxes Gevalia Coffee AND Coffeemaker!


Here’s a great offer from Gevalia.  For just $9.99 you get 4 boxes of Gevalia coffee or tea AND a coffeemaker!  That is a great price for just the coffee (same as $2.50/box) or coffeemaker alone! And if you don’t need the coffeemaker you can always gift it or use it as a backup. Not to mention that the coffee itself is pretty good quality stuff.  I’m not a coffee drinker but my husband is and he has loved the free samples of Gevalia coffee that we’ve gotten recently when they offered them.

Please note: When you sign up for this offer, you are also signing up for auto delivery.  However, you can cancel the auto delivery at any time; simply wait until your shipment comes and then cancel.

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