It Pays to Double Check Your Receipt!

You probably already know this, but it pays to double check your receipt.

I did some grocery shopping Friday night and on Saturday was working on logging them into our budget system.  As I was going over everything I came across two mistakes in which I was shorted a total of $4.70!  Two dollars of it was because the cashier forgot to print my Extra Bucks for an item I purchases with a rain check and the other $2.70 was missed when a cashier at Giant incorrectly scanned a rain check and charged me full price. I called both stores and explained the problem and they each said they would give me the money back when I came in this week to shop.  Kind of a bother but for almost $5 I guess it will be worth it.

Typically I try to look over my receipt before I leave the store that way if there is a problem I can resolve it immediately and save myself the headache and time involved in trying to deal with it later.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve had things rung up incorrectly and been shorted money.  Of course there have been times that I’ve owed the store more money too.  Because honesty is important to me I go to customer service and pay them the extra those times.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a little reminder about doing a quick double check of your receipt while you are still in the store.  You never know what you might find missed!

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