Freebie Roundup (and a bit about life)

We are having absolutely lovely weather here this week and all I want to do is be outside.  Unfortunately that hasn’t happened too much.  We live in an old fixer-upper townhouse and the past couple of weeks my husband has been working at redoing our bathroom and laundry.  That could be another whole post- you know, ways to save on fixing up your house.  Oh and to be fair I’d have to do a tongue-in-cheek post about ways not to save too.  We’ve sure had our share of spending more than we thought we would for one reason or another!  Yes, we’ve learned a lot.  Anyway, today (and most of the week) was full of that, taking care of the children and trying to keep up with the usual things like laundry and keeping everyone’s bellies full.  I’m still holding out hope that we can maybe walk downtown after dinner tonight and just soak up the springtime weather.  Actually, maybe we should just walk down to the local sandwich shop for dinner.  Hmmm…think I can convince my hubby of that?

Regardless of the weather, here are the latest freebies that you can get.  I was going to take a picture of all the free stuff that came in the mail this week but just didn’t get it done.  Maybe next week.

eBooks and More:
Please make sure that the e-books from Amazon are still free when you go to download them- Amazon changes their prices frequently.  If you don’t have a Kindle but still would like to read e-books download this application that allows you to read them on your PC.

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