Purex & Jockey Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Kiki, entry #8, for winning the Purex & Jockey giveaway!  Kiki, I sent you an email and will need to hear back within 48 hrs in order for you to claim the prize.

I loved reading through your entries and learned some great laundry tips as a result.  Tips like these:

* Blood= hydrogen peroxide, but wash soon so it won’t eat a hole in the fabric or bleach the color. If you happen to wash something red and it bleeds on to something white, OxyClean Laundry in the spray bottle works wonders. I thought I had ruined a $30 tshirt for my son, but I was super excited when it all came out! – Melissa

* White vinegar is the bomb for getting out both odors (including urine and mildew) and those ugly yellow sweat stains you can get in undershirts. A small amount added to a washload kills odors, and soaking in 1/2 water 1/2 vinegar gets rid of the stains. – Stephanie

* As Stephanie said Vinegar is a awesome all natural stain fighter,deoderizer and softner. I put mine in a downy ball and add a few drops of my favorite scented oil ( avaliable at Whole foods i think even Jo ann Fabrics) and pop it in with my laod. Works great! and saves money! – Jennifer

* My laundry tip – I’ve trained my family to take their shirts, pants, and socks off without pulling them inside out, so it saves me from turning everything back to right-side-in when I’m folding clothes. Saves a lot of time! – Suzanne (We do this around here too and my mom was a stickler for making sure this happened.  Not that I mind- it’s a good habit to form!)

Thanks to each of you who entered.  I have some more great giveaways planned in the near future so hopefully some of the rest of you can have the fun of winning too!

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