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Interactive Learning Experiences with Cookie, Elmo, and Grover

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

The beloved blue furry cookie craving monster has gone mobile with the release of The Great Cookie Thief, the first official Cookie Monster app for iPhone, iPad, and  iPod Touch.

This engaging interactive book set in a town in the Old West where a cookie bandit is on the loose, stealing cookies from bakeries. Kids must use critical thinking skills to use the clues to solve who is responsible for the cookie thefts. With a wealth of story paths, young learners will get unique endings with each game they play.

Additional features include100 animations that come to life when tapped and a “create” mode that allows players to make “wanted” posters of cookie thief suspects, print, and share them. There’s also a Quick Tips section for parents to help guide additional learning experiences for their child beyond the app.

“We are proud to bring this classic story featuring one of the most beloved characters in the Sesame Street franchise to the App Store,” said Callaway Digital Arts CEO Rex Ishibashi. “With The Great Cookie Thief, parents can empower young children to move the story forward, use critical thinking skills to help solve the mystery and stretch their imaginations to create unique Wanted Posters that add limitless fun to the story.”

How else can your young Sesame Street fans engage in interactive learning experiences with their favorite characters?

  •— The Sesame Street part of appeals to kids due to the wide variety of activities and easy navigation. Kids can go click on their favorite characters to go to games and activities featuring those monsters or click on icons to get to games, videos, printables, and e-cards.
  • Once Upon a Monster for Xbox Kinect—Children can practice the alphabet and numbers with Grover, read a book along with Cookie Monster this very fun interactive game that involves full body movement.

Image courtesy of Callaway Digital Arts

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Harry Potter Themed Games Debut at E3 for Fall Release

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Last week the gaming community assembled in Los Angeles for E3, the Electronics Entertainment Expo that served as the industry’s opportunity to take a look at the much anticipated game titles and systems that will be out this fall and in the near future.  The event brought together tens of thousands of attendees from all over the country and world for three days where Disney-like lines formed for the chance to try the latest video games. Companies such as Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, Activision, EA, Sega, Capcom, and more provided sensory experiences designed to immerse attendees in the games.

What new family games and new gaming experiences can you expect to see this fall and throughout the holiday season?

Sony unveiled their new Wonderbook and the first title, Book of Spells.  This Playstation Move family title represents a collaboration between Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, to bring immerse young Muggles into the wizarding world in the comfort of their own homes.  Wonderbook uses augmented reality where a physical object is required for game play with the PlayStation and PlayStation Move controllers.

PlayStation Book of Wonder transports children to Hogwarts through game play

Sitting on the floor or couch, the camera associated with the PlayStation Move recognizes the child and the book but the technology transforms the ordinary physical book into a spell book on the screen akin to what Harry, Ron, and Hermione might use in their Hogwarts classes.  Using the PlayStation Move controller, players engage in various tasks to learn proper wand usage before tackling challenges that Potter fans will recognize from the books.

Continuing with the Harry Potter theme, Xbox with Kinect owners will enjoy the new Harry Potter for Kinect. With your body as the controller, Harry Potter for Kinect immerses players in challenges that require whole body movement.  Those who have always wanted to play Quidditch will love mounting a broom and flying as Harry as he takes on the Slytherins in a Quidditch match.  Game play is fun and easy for the whole family as your body serves as the controller.  Lean left or right to turn and follow the golden path around the stadium, side jabs at Draco Malfoy help to throw him off your shoulder as he tries to interfere, and when you spot that Golden Snitch, simply reach out to grab it to win the match.

Image courtesy of Sony PlayStation.


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