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5 Disney Themed Learning Activities

Monday, May 21st, 2012

If you’re planning a vacation to Walt Disney World, chances are your kids are pretty excited about your upcoming trip.  Seize upon their excitement to sneak in a little learning. Kids will be highly motivated to complete activities involving their favorite characters or to learn more about the parks. Here are 5 wonderful websites that contain free printables and tutorials that can help you integrate learning into your upcoming Disney vacation.

  • Earlier this month, Disney launched their Spoonful site that serves as a wealth of free content available for kids of all ages on a daily basis. Visitors can always browse through the tabs- cook, create, play, and celebrate- or subscribe via email to keep up to date with the changing content.  The printables section is where to find Disney themed coloring pages that are perfect for preschoolers who are practicing fine motor skills like how to hold a pencil or crayon and coloring.  Older children will enjoy helping with Disney themed cooking activities that serve as a way to practice math and reading by having to measure ingredients and practicing sequencing to add them in the right order.
  • Creating a countdown paper chain out of paper rings not only provides younger kids with a very concrete visual about the number of days left until your trip but also gives them practice in counting backwards. has a free PDF with numbers on one side and trivia on the other to integrate a little math and reading into your pre-vacation excitement or create your own. Cut colorful strips of construction paper and have your kids practice patterning (another math skill) to create your paper chain.
  • Visit your local craft store to assemble supplies to make your own Disney autograph book. You could purchase one in-park but save yourself some money and have fun making your own with thanks to the tutorial on Juliverse.  Labeling the book with your name and address in case it get lost not only ensure that it will find its way back to you but is a way for children to practice knowing and writing their name and address.
  • Teach your kids fun facts about the parks before you leave.’s Amy Mascott created free Disney trivia printable lunchbox notes with fun facts to teach your kids a little park trivia.  Cut out the strips and put them in your child’s lunch box for a little meal time trivia or print, cut, and place in a basket on your dinner table to read them together as a family.
  • TeachMama also has free printable word searches available based on Disney characters and one for each of the following parks: Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom. These are a wonderful way to help kids practice word recognition amid the excitement over their Disney vacation.

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10 Helpful Websites and Apps for Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Walt Disney World is an exciting destination any time of the year.  Frequent visitors and first timers can maximize their time in the parks thanks to many helpful websites that can assist in vacation planning.  Here are a 5 helpful sites that contain a wealth of information along with a few free and affordable apps that you will want to download before you go.

  • Get the lay of the land before you go using the Walt Disney World property map. This helpful resource allows you to see resorts and parks to help you plan your time on the property.
  • Once you’ve figured out which parks you’ll be visiting, plot your day with this well designed spreadsheet from Mama of all Trades.
  • Then order free customized Walt Disney World maps. Customized maps will be sent to your home prior to your trip.  Older children will love plotting which parts of the park to visit first in order to hop on popular rides early in the day and younger visitors will enjoy having their own version of park maps as trip keepsakes.
  • Worried about food allergies in your family and where to eat? Confessions of an IT Girl provides helpful tips making it easy to find meals that family members with food allergies can enjoy while at the Disney parks.
  • Caffeine addicts who will need to fuel up with coffee in order to make it through late nights of fireworks at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom will be pleased to know that Starbucks is coming to Disney Parks this June.  For park locations, visit Disney Parks Blog to learn where to find your venti caramel macchiato or favorite Frappucino.

Before you go, visit iTunes or the Android Marketplace to find free helpful apps that can also assist you in maximizing your park time while you are at the parks.  Here are 5 useful apps that are available at minimal cost or for free:

  • PixieTime (free) provides park hours for Walt Disney World parks.
  • PixieResorts (free) is fast and easy way to locate resort information including locations, rates and list of amenities.
  • Plan which rides to hit next using Disney World Wait Times (free).
  • Plot out your next dining adventure with Disney World Dining ($1.99).
  • Kids and adults alike will have fun searching for Hidden Mickeys located throughout the park.  Turn your search for Hidden Mickeys into a treasure hunt with the Hidden Mickeys ($2.99) app.

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