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4 Meal Planning Services for Busy Health Conscious Families

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Sometimes it can feel like a grind to get grocery shopping done, meal planning completed, and get a healthy dinner on the table for a ravenous family. Online meal planning services can help streamline the process of planning and shopping in order to feed your family while also sticking to a household food budget and ensuring that items in your fridge and pantry don’t go to waste. Since families have varying preferences and food sensitivities, here  are some helpful services that make meal planning less of a chore so you can enjoy family dinners.

Six O’Clock Scramble— Washington, D.C. area mom, Aviva Goldfarb developed The Six O’Clock Scramble in 1998 as a solution to put a home-cooked nutritious dinner on the table for her family each night. She personally tests Scramble recipes in her own kitchen and emphasizes seasonal fruits and vegetables in recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less.  The Six O’Clock Scramble features automated grocery lists for eacg customized meal plan through the online subscription service.  Trial memberships are available to try the service for two weeks and subscriptions are available for 3 months ($7/month), 6 months ($6/month), or 2 years ($3/month).

eMeals— Busy budget conscious families who are looking for specific menu options to meet dietary needs will like eMeals for their variety of meal plans.  eMeals features menus for clean eating, gluten free, low carb, low fat, portion control, vegetarian, as well as natural and organic in menus designed for 1-2 people or families of 3-6. Menus plans are also based on where you shop so you can take advantage of store sales at your local grocery store and begin at $5/month.

Relish— For $7/month, Relish allows users to choose from a variety of delicious menus and recipes that come with grocery lists for the meals you’ve selected.  Recipes scale to 2, 4, 6, or 8 servings. There are vegetarian menus and sides as well as kid-tested and kid friendly dinners that will encourage even the pickiest of to expand their repertoire of tastes. Five dinners tend to cost $90/week, allowing you to fit meals into your family budget. There are also special menus for camping and a picnics.

Gfree- Gluten free is a menu planning service that provides shopping lists and recipes for 5 entrees a week for $10/month. With helpful resources, recipes, and a list of gluten-free brands, meal planning for gluten-free families is a lot easier.

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